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22 May 2024

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The 3 most famous M'sians to have sworn on the Quran

The 3 most famous M'sians to have sworn on the Quran

Up to date, 3 personalities have sworn on the Koran in a public mosque to vouch for their innocence. All 3 were in the limelight for varied reasons. While one was over a sodomy case, another was over a sex video case while the third was to deny association with a murdered personality.

What stands out is, none of them had yet to go through the process of the law or had yet been prosecuted in court, so why did they saw fit to swear on the Quran?

In their frantic bid to prove their innocence to other Muslims and the General Public, they have taken this unusual step. It is left to the public to judge for themselves, whether they are guilty or innocent, and how they managed to get themselves stuck in this embarrassing mess. So the adage rings true: what you have sown, so shall you reap.

The first incident was over a Statutory Declaration, misunderstood by the public, containing allegations against the present Prime Minister, which led him to clear his name through a public swearing ceremony.

The second concerned a strong young man who cried rape by a grandfather with a bad back. Later after much protest, the charge was reduced to consensual sex. With so many loose ends left untied, like the presence of 5 other identified DNA in his nether regions, the court saw it fit to conclude that the one particular Male Y DNA found was that of Anwar’s.

The third was by the Datuk T trio, who screened a sex video of Anwar in their bid to discredit him, all for the love of a nation. They were so sure that Anwar would one day be the Leader of the Nation that they were willing to be prosecuted to save this nation from this devilish Anwar. They had insisted that Anwar was unfit to helm this nation by virtue of his unnatural tendencies as a sex crazed nymphomaniac. And Shazyrl has sworn on behalf of the other two, their total innocence in the sex video scandal.

No other fault than sex?

Malaysians are perplexed as to why the government seems so earnest in its bid to run down the Opposition Leader, why it has to resort to all kinds of sex allegations instead of using more conventional methods of corruption or other misdeeds by Anwar.

Is Anwar such an angel, without a bad record? Couldn’t anyone find any fault with Anwar other than his sexual misadventures? In the present situation, and given his flamboyant looks and charisma, Anwar can easily be passed off as the sexiest man in Malaysia, no?

What made these people chose to be associated with the Almighty God in their quest to proclaim innocence is beyond us, but we hope one day justice will prevail and the truth shall find them out.

Muslims also hope that these incidents will not be the prelude for more open proclamations of innocence through the swearing of the Koran, as it will make a mockery of our Religion and that of our legal institutions.(Courts of Law).

In the West it is a normal procedure to swear with the Bible in hand to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in a court of law, but this system continues to be abused with the guilty ones still lying through their teeth.

It is up to the presiding judge and the jury to determine the truth. So if the guilty ones here hope to escape the court process, just because they have declared themselves innocent then they are really ignorant.

BN stands to lose

Until a Court of Law declares Anwar guilty of all the charges levelled against him, the Malaysian public will continue to be sceptical. He will still be presumed innocent. And the time taken to find him guilty has taken so long, that people are beginning to wonder whether all the charges were prefabricated.

With plenty of opportunities to prove themselves the perpetrators still come across to the public eye as shady characters, with the exception of the Prime Minister or so he believes or has been told by his public relations adviser APCO.

Malaysians sincerely, does not need to be bombarded by such garbage. Sexual trysts belong to the bedroom and not to be constantly aired for public consumption. The opposition is right to call on the public to make police reports in protest of such repulsive diatribe which is an embarrassment to the nation.

The Government must know that the continuation of this drama will not benefit BN in the long run, nor will it swing the way the electorate will vote.

Whether Anwar is innocent or guilty is left to the courts, and whether he goes to jail or go on to lead this nation, time and voters will tell.

Meanwhile, don’t turn this country into a circus of kangaroos with cheap entertainment and B Class actors. Malaysia deserves better. And Malaysians are indeed weary of this nonsense. Where is our sense of pride? - Malaysia Chronicle

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