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22 May 2024

Saturday, April 30, 2011

I like what one Commenter named Sarimah says at...


People's Parliament
post dated April 24, 2011.

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Sarimah f. Says:

April 27, 2011 at 1:38 pm

When we criticize BN, you people say it is okay.

So why can’t we criticize MCLM?

What on earth is MCLM wasting its time doing chasing after RPK?

When PKR’s Fuziah Salleh is struggling to defend civil rights by doing her best to raise the issue of Lynas trying to build a plant that will even process uranium from Africa, where the hell is MCLM?

Aren’t you a civil rights group trying to win our votes?

You MCLM people think you are so great is it, that you won’t cooperate with any Pakatan Rakyat party even if it is for the people’s good?

Why aren’t you MCLM people doing your part according to the People’s Declaration to highlight important issues like this?

Why is Haris as MCLM president wasting his time with RPK and RPK as chairman wasting our time with his cat and mouse drama with the cops?

Enough lah, we don’t need all this now.

We want Malaysian civil rights to be protected. That’s it.

What is MCLM up to anyway??? What are MCLM election candidates doing??

They just say they will stand for elections and will promise the world on campaign day but right now, when it matters, they don’t care about us and are busy earning money with their consultancies??

I’m going to write a letter to the press to highlight all this. MCLM is just one big scam.

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  1. This writer was right. What the hell of this MCLM.Doing things that was not important . I should say that Malaysia should not have such group of people whom are doing and acting the same things just like PERKASA. Giving people headache with such unimportant and meaningless issues. If you are not exist ,then we would not have wasted a space in our brain to put you in it.


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