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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Taking wows in front of the holy books

1. There were two major news shown on TV today. Across the globe, at the Kingdom of our former colonial masters, Prince William took a wow that makes him the husband of a beautiful lady name Kate. It must be important as it was carried life by ASTRO. The prince looks good in his red uniform. At about the same time a different kind activity was taking place at a Mosque in Sentul. ESKAY took a wow under the protection of a bullet vest and with a truck load of police protection. It was carried life via tweeter. In a few minutes TV3 as a responsible media will run a broadcast of the whole affair that took place in the mosque.

2. I am not sure whether my favorite IGP is back to office or he is still on MC. Usually I have to give way for his car and the escorts in the morning. Since the day he fall sick and he was hospitalized, I had not seen him or his escorts. Surprisingly while he is away, many unusual activity is happening in the county. For instance on what basis was the FRU was deployed to the mosque. Did the police provide the bullet proof vest or Dato T bought them at TESCO. All I can say, some man are more equal than others. I hope when the IGP goes back to work, he will ensure that any abuses is dealt with.

3. The former KL CID chief, Dato Mohd Zain (DMZ) said in MT several days back that there is a strong possibility that Anwar Documentary is related to the video that he saw while he was investigating Anwar in the late 90′s. A friend told me that the full video (4 parts) is now available on some file sharing services and can be downloaded from the internet. I have not seen it but from what I was told is that there is some merit to what DMZ said. The picture of Eskay can be seen I the video and he looked much younger and has a different hairstyle compared to his recent images on the Internet. On his left hand he had two huge rings. I did a quick search on the Internet and found a picture of ESKAY during a recent PC where it clearly shows that he is not wearing any rings. I guess a good photographer can confirmed whether the documentary was indeed taken on 21 Feb 2011 by comparing a person features and built then and now. A good detective will also look into other clues like hairstyle, physique and other biometrics.

4. I did ask him if it was ANWAR and he said ” ………………………..” ;) He said the picture showed that the man does not seem to have any back problem and able to move about with great flexibility. Didn’t Anwar had a back problem that even requires him have an assistance when he climb up or down a set of staircase.

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