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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In defense of Ibrahim Ali and his good deeds for the human race

In defense of Ibrahim Ali and his good deeds for the human race

Coming across this article sometime ago by Johan Brendon entitled Ibrahim Ali – a Man of Hate - left me totally speechless for hours, and it took all my strength to control my rage at such disparaging remarks, and to release this article in defence of our beloved idol Ibrahim Ali – the Chosen One.

Some may know in the past how lovingly I spoke of the Chosen One, the one true saviour of the Malays. So once again, I have decided not to spew the same virulent temper as the author, and to keep this piece short and concise.
Let us start with some of what he wrote:

“Alas it is a fact of life that every now and then we get to hear hysterical ranting from some loud mouth extremists but this uncouth man by the name of Ibrahim Ali (President of Perkasa), is beginning to get on my tits, pardon my vernacular.”

How vulgar can you be to speak of the Chosen One – the saviour of the Malays in such tones? And pardon your vernacular, what has Ibrahim Ali – got to do with your tits?

“This man is hateful, racist, vile and most of all, mentally subnormal. I know it is ill-mannered or unprofessional to get so personal in one’s criticism of a fellow human being but his absurd utterances have become insufferable”

This man you speak of happens to be the Chosen One, the saviour of the Malays. He is the Enlightened One, emerging from The Sands of Gold ( Pasir Mas) This man of Superior Intellect, Larger than Life itself. A natural Leader who commands the respect of World Governments, and whose contacts ranges from past Prime Ministers to the present Leadership who will bow at his every whim and fancy.

He is also the supreme leader of over 100 Non Governmental Organizations that can tip the scales of our present leadership. He has been in the cover of every major newspaper and magazine, and he commands more headline news than Obama and Michael Jackson combined. He is a Man that demands our utmost respect, which he so rightly deserves.

“So let me begin with the mother of all insults. Ibrahim Ali is truly as stupid as he looks and it is hard to differentiate between his fat stunted face and a boiled fat potato. And yes, it does feel good to get that off my chest! “

You of all people have not seen him in the flesh as I have, and I tell you he is quite the opposite. Tom Cruise will pale in comparison to his youthful boyish looks, and watching him from the side, his shadow is more like Sean Connery of James Bond. Women actually swoon and faint when he smiles at them. I watched him in the last Perkasa convention, as he waddled, with his feet half dragging the carpeted floor up to the podium, as the crowd gave him a standing ovation, standing next to Dr M.

Everyone, was spell bound by the way he carried himself, and when he spoke, there was a deafening silence, amidst a snore or two, as he wowed the crowd with his spellbinding voice that sounded like a deep croak and a tenor. And when he waved the Keris like a magic wand, the crowd went berserk and roared with approval that nearly brought the house down. Such is the awe, the magic and the power of the Chosen One, who can move mountains out of molehills.

“His silly and stupid remarks are not the problem per se; if he chooses to make a fool of himself, then it is his prerogative. My concern is that the racist propaganda that he obsessively espouses about Malay supremacy creates a heighten sense of chauvinistic and jingoistic pride amongst those gullible and illiterate Malays. Needless to say, in a country like Malaysia where the inhabitants are multi-cultural, multi-ethnic or multi-racial, it is like throwing petrol into a burning pyre. And where is the ISA when it is needed?”

“So, not only is it foolish of him to come up with such garbage, he seems to take pleasure in teasing and insulting the non-Malays with his divisive, racist and inflammatory diatribe. It just goes to show this so-called Muslim has no humanity, conscience and decency – thus he deserves every insult he gets. All that matters to him is Malay supremacy and power - come what may and at any price. What is so ‘superior’ about a race which cannot compete on equal terms? It seems paradoxical to be ‘supreme’ and yet ‘inferior’. More importantly, does he not realise that if the Malaysian economy collapses as a result of Malay supremacy (amid corruption, cronyism, incompetence etc) rather than meritocracy, the poorest of the poor Malays will be the first ones to suffer. The Malay elites with their ill gotten gains will head straight to their luxury homes overseas”

It is very unethical to speak of the Malay Race in such a manner, as 50 per cent of the Malays supported the opposition in the last General Election. The Opposition would have won hands down if not for the Chinese, Indians and the Bumiputras that continued supporting BN. Can you still say that we Malays are gullible and illiterate?

And what is so wrong of Him to espouse Malay Supremacy? Malay Supremacy has been around for 50years already, and no one seemed to complain. I still don’t feel any more supreme when I am with my Non Malay friends either. If anyone does get a kick from feeling supreme, I think he’s entitled to his kick.

Is this not what the author is doing now, insulting and condemning the Malay race, belittling us? The government has been doing that all this while, and got away with it, and now he jumps into the same bandwagon and say the same thing. Please get this into your Head once and for all, that all the so-called goodies for the Malays all this while is just sweeteners, while they plunder the nation.

They keep on pitting the races against each other, so they can divide and rule. UMNO is not the only culprit, but conniving MCA and MIC is also at fault. It is never about Race and Religion. It is all about the money.

The Malays have long learnt to stand on their own two feet. They have long given up on the government to protect and nurture them. And those that laid their hopes on the government, has long ago died of starvation. Today only a certain small percentage of the elite class, that still thinks there is Santa Claus. But as long as BN rules there will always be Santa Claus.

So do not be sore with the Malays. It is not our fault. And if you have nothing nice to talk about us, just keep your thoughts to yourself. This ‘malaise’ about ‘Malay Crutches’ is such a big conspiracy that even a man with your intellect fell for it. And the way they interpret religion to control the masses, is just plain disappointing. So let’s stop talking about corruption or cronyism. The average Malays knows corruption is sinful – full stop.

“The May 13 (1969) riot is not something we should be proud of especially when so many innocent people were killed because of racialism. And yet, Ibrahim Ali wants to have a museum to ‘commemorate’ the bloody riot so as to “educate the young”. The logic of this moron is beyond comprehension.
Perhaps, I have underestimated his intellect. My apologies, I will immediately retract the word ‘intellect’ because it would be an insult to those who posses it - ‘craftiness’ is more appropriate.”

The Chosen One not only has supreme intellect, but he also possesses Insight, Foresight and Hindsight. He can foresee the future of this country. He can shape the History of this country. He can bring the Malays out of their misery, which our present Leaders can’t!!

He can talk all he wants, and no one in this country will dare to rebut his wise words of wisdom. With his gross rhetoric and radical remarks, he will singlehandedly disgust every Non Malay and discourage them to vote for the BN leadership. And with the entire Non Malay vote going to the Opposition, not even 2 million postal votes will save BN this time. Such is the Wisdom and Power of the Chosen One-the saviour of the Malays, and the saviour of this country.

It is still not to late to repent, and ask the Chosen One for his forgiveness. Just take a membership form to join Perkasa. The end is near, and the 13th General Election is around the corner. Let’s sock it to them!

So ….”All hail the Chosen One”

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