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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Please stop desecrating Islam

Please stop desecrating Islam

The latest swearing in a sacred place of worship and the drama unfolding preceeding that swearing saga truly desecrates Islam. And pathetically, no one - no one Muslim is able to stop all these acts of evil attempts to damage to the sanctity of Islam.

Please brothers and sisters of Islam, please put a decisive stop to all these derogatory human ill deeds. Please do not allow citizens of this nation to continue to hurt the beauty of God's gift to mankind, Islam.

How can the ruling government still remain so silent on all these filthy misdeeds and even allow the guardians of the law to escort such individuals to places of worship to make such painful and hurtful acts against the faith of billions of mankind? How could this be?

There are legitimate and time honoured proceedures within Islam to bring justice to prevail. Why make a mockery of Islam by all these porn related publicity stunts and drag the place of honourable and sanctified place of worship to be the platform for such un-Islamic deeds?

You can hurt your political opponents by all means. But please remember no one has that God-ordained right to desecrate and hurt the glory, dignity, honour and beauty of Islam through such morally unacceptable standards or actions and inactions as well.

Malaysians are very priviliged to have Islam as their State religion. It could not have happened by accident. It could only be because of His mercy for Malaysian Muslims.

It therefore means that the responsibility that rests on every brother and sister of Islam is to protect, nurture and cherish the Almighty's Gift to Muslims in Malaysia and thereby propagate the beauty of Islam to non-believers as well. How could we then allow politicians and their political agentries to use Islam for their own political agendas?

How will non-Muslims regard Muslims in the wake of such demeaning and horrendous action by some individuals and inactions by others? Where will God fearing muslims - men and women of honour, dignity and all the sincere followers of the faith put their defence?

No. No. No. It must stop now. It must stop immediately. Muslims must rise to stop all these attempts to defile and damage the glory of Islam.

Yes Islam can never be destroyed by mere mortals.

But Islam also demands that every and each follower and believer exercises that fundamental duty to come and defend Islam in the Name of the Holy Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him.

For no Muslim must hurt a fellow Muslim through vile and defiled means for in hurting so, he or she would have defiled the True Faith.

- J. D. Lovrenciear is a well-known commentator and a reader of Malaysia Chronicle

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