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22 May 2024

Saturday, April 30, 2011

I had a quarrel wit Ms April, my tongue in hers!

Ms April, you have jest less than 24 to harbour the spotlight this year. Do a quikkie -- swear on the Bible if thou must,curse on the Koran if thou were so superior and inclined, swear by Desi's nama if that's thy lust report. Then vamoose, get oouch of here! Enough is enuf, get stuffed!

Malaysia had Ms April prodding us to become voyeurs, and the Royal Malaysian Police force (PDRM) is helping her along. The three Datuk T Stooges continue to bask in the glory of Malaysians they take as fools, and Drama Minggu Ini over RTM has been upstaged by Carcosa Seri Negara. Wan famous for his dalliance with an underaged girl and another with a Eurasian woeman thinks we Malaysians have short memories -- hey, there are many of us descended from the tortoise or elephant!

Wan actor who resembled the Opposition Leader proves himself such a close fRiend -- allegedly booking a hotel room for him, pimping a foreign pros (Hey, dn't say it's a Chinese without proff, as PM Wen Jia Bao just visited NegaraKu with goodies!) for him, even arranging to pick up his missing Omega watch -- this guy doesn't know there is an "R" in fRiendship!

With people like Eskay as a concerned citizen -- purported swaering in a mosque becos he loved his country like no other! -- Malaysia doesn't need enemies like Al Queda terrorists, Nigerian scammers or Somalian pirates, to sink into the South China Sea!

And the thirdwan of all orgasmicnations must hail from Ibrahim Ali's inciting bloodshedding train called Perkosa -- or did I mixx up my "o" and "a"? Nah mind,my EsteemedReaders know what Desi means in contest/context.

Ms April, please leave the average Malaysian Joe alone as we celebrate the relaxing, well-deserved labourers' day in peace this weeked. No not a wickedend, that's for socialists like Desi on weakdays turned capitalists on Saturday and Sunday, and coming MOnday.

Hence, Desi wished thee, mGf -- which stands for myGOoDfRiend, with Gof-fearingness in Thee -- the BestA Labour Day minus Ms April who cometh via Datuk T trio and Perkosa clones -- ENJOY First of May with the Bee Gees, and endless rounds of tehtari'at Desi's account if thou catchUP at Temiang Koner in Furong.


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