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10 APRIL 2024

Wednesday, April 27, 2011



by Eyes Wide Open

A few days ago, TV3 in its coverage of the Teoh Beng Hock RCI gave free reign to Shafee Abdullah the liarlawyer representing the MACC to spew unfounded allegations disparaging Teoh and the DAP.

In an clip lasting several minutes, Shafee (who is also one of UMNO’s top legal hounds) was unashamedly and articulately making unfounded statements and passing them off as facts. Among his wild allegations include:

- Teoh Beng Hock was THE “Middle Man” between contractors and Seri Kembangan ADUN, Ean Yong.

- Teoh had clear reason to be distressed knowing he was facilitating corruption

- There was hard evidence that the DAP was receiving massive kickbacks from contracts

Shafee was one of those responsible for getting Baginda Razak off the hook in the Altantuya murder

He based all of his allegations, based on a particularly sinister spin on contractor Lee Wye Wing’s testimony. Although Shafee is a lawyer, he didn’t even feel the need to couch his baseless accusations in legal-speak such as “alleged”, or “believed to be”. Instead, he blatantly stated the lies and spins as irrefutable facts!

But stripped of the nasty spin, what Lee had testified during that day’s RCI proceeding was actually very mundane.

- Teoh Beng Hock was tasked with reviewing quotations before passing them on to Ean Yong

- Ean Yong will then decide to award the contracts according to Teoh’s recommendations

- The DAP ADUNs often paid upfront from their own funds to get the works started quickly

- These payments were reimbursed by the contractors when they finally got paid by the state govt

- He had the receipts to prove it

Isn’t this normal practice in any organisation or company? Is there any well-run and reasonably accountable company / organisation that does not have someone to receive and review quotations, then make recommendations to the higher-ups who are authorised to award the contract?

However, the spin that has been put on this casts Teoh as a slick Middle Man in a massive corruption racket. This sinister peddling of lies is especially shameless because the dead is unable to defend himself against such attacks.

We would have loved to include the clip of Shafee lying to the public here, but the powers-that-be are apparently very good at covering their own asses. Although the Shafee statements were watched by millions, but there is no public record of it. What we could find was only the run-up report that led to Shafee’s airtime.

Shafee has been consistently making a farce of the RCI whose terms of reference is to find out how Teoh Beng Hock died. However, instead of inquiries to ascertain the truth, Shafee has relentlessly pursued witnesses – goading them, guiding them, attacking them, discrediting them, etc. All of it done obviously in the single-minded goal of making the public believe that Teoh Beng Hock committed suicide because of the DAP’s massive corruption – the official position of the UMNO / BN running dogs.

Shafee also represented Dato Khoo Tee Yam, alleged triad kingpin, and managed to free him from charges.

Shafee himself made this position absolutely clear when on March 26 he also fearlessly made unfounded allegations without a shred of evidence. He was reported as saying:

“What has been disclosed by MACC officers here started off having report made are abuse of certain fund yearly, funds are budget to which every ADUN would have so we are talking about not mere few thousand ringgit but potentially millions of dollar whether they are abused or not.”

“It’s a total blow, if there would be anybody (benefiting) from the death, it would be certainly not MACC because Teoh Beng Hock holds the key to connecting the nexus.”

However, a brave MACC officer has testified yesterday that investigations were closed because there was no evidence of abuse of funds.

“The investigation outcome showed that programmes and projects, for which YB Ean made claims, were done by contractors…instructions from the DPP were to stop the investigation because there was no testimony showing that YB Ean had committed an offence,” added the graftbuster.

(source: The Malaysian Insider)

The guilt over the millions being siphoned off that drove Teoh to suicide (according to Shafee) actually turned out to be a RM112 reimbursed to Teoh for some banners. And this was accounted for.

This is an absolute slap in the face for Shafee as he represents the MACC, pushing for a suicide theory founded on the idea that abuse of funds occured. And to have that entire house of cards brought down by a senior officer no less!

While we would prefer the actual sound and feeling of palm on cheek, we would have to settle for this for now.

- Hartal MSM

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