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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Raja Petra, it's too little, too late

your say'He gives away the names of his informants exposing them to prosecution. A person with that kind of nobility will not betray his friend and his sources.'

TV3 chopped interview with me: RPK

Anonymous_3f1f: Somehow the government is smarter. With one interview they managed to turn the table against the opposition as well as against RPK (Raja Petra Kamaruddin). They have killed not two birds but more birds with one stone.

In the TV3 interview, they managed to clear the names of those who were allegedly involved in the murder of the Mongolian girl. Secondly, they managed to paint a bad image of RPK so much so that the public and his supporters begin to distrust him. Thirdly, the public, especially the staunch opposition supporters, are beginning to believe the government.

You see how smart they are in playing the game of perception.

Makcik Har: Face it, Pete (RPK). You have been had. You have been conned by Colonel Azmi Zainal Abidin. If you had not believed it for one second, would you sign the SD (statutory declaration)? That means you believed the story and swore by it.

You should do what other people do once they realised they have been had. Just shut up and consider it as a learning experience. What you have done is unforgivable. Not only you are saying Rosmah Mansor couldn't have been there at the scene, you are also trying to bring down a lot of other people, including Ku Li (Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah).

After this TV3 interview, you are just like Anwar after Sept 16. I am not your fan anymore.

One Brain Cell: Thanks RPK for putting the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder back on the front page. It looked like people were already beginning to forget. I don't know who killed her or why but, like many others, I do suspect foul play at the highest level and don't buy into the official version as dispensed at the trial.

So let's not forget the issue here, it's who was responsible for her death not whether RPK is a turncoat or not. There is enough evidence that hasn't been explained (no immigration records, would be one example) and allegations made in more than one statutary declaration to merit the continued investigation into who killed Altantuya and why.

Cannon: RPK says TV3 chopped his interview. Too bad they miss his tongue. Even if Umno did not buy the man over, it has succeeded in neutralising him. A wild, untrustworthy and discredited RPK is of no use to Pakatan Rakyat. His MCLM (Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement) is a non-starter with such a character at the helm.

It is good for this episode to come out into the open before the run-up to the general election. It's an old trick of the devil - if you can't convince the people, confuse them.

RPK has shown himself to be an irresponsible and unreliable person. He makes wild allegations which he himself does not believe - and says he is merely reporting what he heard. Then, he accuses Anwar Ibrahim as the man behind his SD.

The unkindest cut of all, he gives away the names of his informants exposing them to prosecution. A person with that kind of nobility will not betray his friend and his sources in the first place.

Blackknight: Well said, Cannon. I would like to add that RPK is too much of a loose cannon to help the cause of democracy. His stand varies from time to time. At one time, he was an ardent supporter of Dr Mahathir Mohamad by his own admission.

At best, he is an entertainer with his wild accusations and at worst, a distraction and an enemy of Pakatan by his wanton criticisms of the opposition. I wouldn't even touch MCLM with a barge pole now.

Survivor: RPK, in the first place you should not accede to the interview, knowing that TV3 will take every opportunity to extract everything from you and then sieve out the juice and leave the residue or skeleton and use it to their advantage.

Now, you know their trick and you know it is too late to rectify the mistake. The kampong folks got to see only the edited version of your interview. It is akin to knowing that you are walking into the cesspool and yet you continue to walk into it.

Anonymous_3de1: It appears that RPK is feverishly trying to undo the damage done by the TV3 interview episode which he now claims some sections have been chopped. I think it is a bit too little and too late. I am sure his fans must have fed him the full text of the interview soon after airing it instead of giving excuses that he cannot receive the TV3 broadcast in Manchester.

He should know better that TV3, being a government-linked media, will exploit this to the fullest to exonerate PM Najib Razak and wife and therefore by extension make PKR look stupid. So RPK cannot blame those who now brand him a turncoat and has been greased by BN because it is BN's forte to pay their vocal critics to change tack.

Ferdtan: We were not angry with TV3. They were doing what they had been doing for donkey years - spreading lies against anyone who are against the BN government. Everybody knows that.

The question is: How come the street-wise RPK didn't know that when he gave the interview to them? It's obvious that RPK went into the 'trap' willingly. The end result is RPK makes Pakatan bad in the eyes of the public just before the Sarawak state election. That's not acceptable, and that is why the public now are cautious about the integrity of RPK.

In 'Malaysia Boleh' politics, we cannot know who our friends and enemies are. We had been betrayed too many times before by seemingly righteous politicians, so much so that we are now very cynical of anyone whose actions are out of turn. Money can buy anything - even the best of men.

And with MCML wanting to contest in the GE, which acts as a spoiler to the united opposition front, it says a lot of RPK and his men. I hope I'm wrong.

Tell The Truth: RPK, of all people you should be the one to know that all MSM (mainstream media) especially those pro-government media are spin doctors and you must have thought that you were so clever as not to be trapped by them. Come on!

They have the upper hand - what with the tape in their hands for purposes of editing the whole interview and only showing what is favourable to Najib and Rosmah. You must surely know. Or were you too confident with yourself as always and thought you can outsmart them.

Don't tell me you give interviews to everybody, even Malaysiakini. At least, they are fighting for the people just like you but for you to be full of yourself and be caught with your pants down, I am disappointed. You were my hero but now you are close to zero.

Vijay47: Sorry, RPK, you cannot now put on the "innocent virgin" mantle regarding the two main issues in your interview. WhenMalaysia Today stated, time and again, that Rosmah was present when Altantuya was blown up, it was never qualified to be a statement made by others.

I am sure that like me, most readers took it to be a fact verified by you. Further, why did you again as recently as last Monday reiterate that you made no such allegation about FLOM's (First Lady of Malaysia) presence?

Secondly, you get on your high horse and nobly claim that you give interviews to all comers and thus speaking to TV3 was nothing wrong. But TV3 has a proven track record of distortion and lies. In fact, the very success of Malaysia Today is due to the mainstream media's total subservience to Umno.

The only thing more ridiculous than that stand of yours is your hope now that the station will air the full telecast. And as to Malaysiakinibeing unfair to you, how could that be so? They hardly write anything about you. - Malaysiakini

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