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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Adnan's Nonsensical Statements

I can really laugh on the kind of nonsense that our Pahang MB Adnan Yaakob is talking about. This shows that he can't really do a real good job as a Chief Minister. Hah!

1. Handphones are riskier than Lynas rare earth ore (Read the rest of the entry at Malaysian Insider)

- You got to be kidding me. Handphone radiation is not that severe as with the Lynas earth. However, we can minimized it by talking on the left ear, using earphones, and talk less on the mobile and use more on the existing telephone set. As an MB, you should be digging around and do some Googling on phone radiation rather than spewing this bullshit. In fact, Adnan Yaakob got it the other way round.

- Does this imply that Adnan Yaakob says yes to Ali-Baba patronage? Earn money without doing nothing, not even a tiny bit from your side? Expecting people to pay money as if demand that they pay as tithes to you? There is a saying that you don't get if you don't sow. And I find this baffling really indeed.

I mean, what an utter disgrace!

- A Little Taffer's Room

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