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10 APRIL 2024

Sunday, May 29, 2011

UMNO Under attack from within

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It's not PKR, it is not PAS, its not the DAP not even the Christians as the UMNO big wigs would want their membership to believe every no wand then, so that they can get them to close ranks and fend of challenges that arise from within the party.

Any move by the many factions who are now in wait to pounce and change the present status quo is diverted by these make up enemies by the UMNO elite leading UMNO presently.

At the Apex of this power pyramid is the 'Godfather' Mahathir bin Mohammed, the man who is is so terrified at what may result in Anwar taking over Putra Jaya that he will not rest till Anwar is dead, that he may force the hand of the present leadership to even try an Aquino on Anwar is not too wild a thought, it is in fact a reality, as that would be the last option and they'll do it, if they have to.

Mahathir who is now recuperating is bent on making Mukhriz a power within UMNO, and he will do it anyway it comes fast, he may move Najib out in favour of Muhyuddin, or he may get Najib to throw discard Muhyuddin in favour of Rais Yatim as a stop gap, to prepare for his son's eventual ascension called succession.

Muhyuddin on the other hand knows that his position is very vulnerable, more so because there is nothing in the age gap between him and Najib and so any thought of taking over at the helm can only materialise with his removal of Najib. He needs to remove Najib to do that and he can't do it the way Najib did it to Dollah, he has to do it in away the membership accepts.

UMNO has a natural hatred of women, the women are not to dictate anything within its ranks, that was the failure of the 'fat lady,' Rafidah Aziz, she decided to talk down to the UMNO men and that was something UMNO could not accept, more so if they thought she had aspirations for the top and that is why even her mentor - Mahathir Mohammed got int the act of planning and carefully executing her downfall.

Now the Muhyuddin camp have begun the whipser campaign, the whispers are getting louder by the day, and thy are whispering about our "Plastic Rose," referred to in some UMNO circles as 'Rosmah Plastic.' People around Khairy Jamaluddin are familiar with that term too which originated from some of the Johore branches.

According to one UMNO veteran the lady has overstepped the line, "it is alright if she uses some government money for her shopping, everybody also do like that, you don't believe me look at Toyo's wife, but, but, Toyo's wife never show her face and try and be a hero, in Malay culture the wife must not do that, she is trying to be bigger then her husband. If she is Wanita head or Wanita exco and have a position in government that is alright, but now she is only his wife she cannot try and act like she is a Malaysian leader, NO! she is the wife of a Malaysian leader she must understand."

"What must be done," I ask, he waives his hand then says, "We Malay say, I am not saying any person but in general terms lah, if the husband is Jantan he must make such woman shut up."

Identifying this UMNO group is difficult they seem to come from a cross segment of UMNO and are led more by the old guard, it is rumored that this has been discussed with some senior ministers from UMNO.

This is believed to be Muhyuddin's trump card and he is holding it close to his chest, Mukhriz boys have started another whisper campaign about Muhyuddin's own ambitions and this has reached Najib.

The Plastic Rose is not the type to cave in too, she has the PM by his belt and can swing him any which way she wants.

Now to get all these people off his back Najib uses two Ministers, who have been blessed with lesser intelligence, on is the Home Minister - his cousin, the not so smart Hishamuddin Hussein Onn and the other is none other then the loose canon Nazri.

It is Hishamuddin's job to create huge bogeymen, like he did recently, when he took on the Christians. Then there is the Trio is there anyone who does not believe that the Trio are actually acting in concert with the Police who come directly under the Home Ministry?

If there was any truth to any of both allegations some people should have been detained, and why is it not so till today? The real reason is those who need to be detained are those who created both situations and they all come from within UMNO.

It is within UMNO that all UMNO's troubles arise, the greed that has become the culture of UMNO can't be quenched, the desires far exceeds it potential to feed it, the higher they are the greedier they become, winner takes all and so the grassroots are left wanting, the trips to Medan and Bangkok that used to be some of the handouts to branch treasurers in lesser branches does not excite anymore every Ahmad can afford to go to Medan now, the project and , the contracts which can be Ali Babbaed out are few and far between, most states are now controlled by the opposition, and some are so small the MCA towkay does not want it too, and discontent is growing within the ranks, to add insult to injury as though Najib has not had enough now there is Rosamh to feed, and they are asking, "Who is Rosmah?"

With the escalation of prices of basic commodities the government is desperate, UMNO is desperate the Malay support is waning, corruption is being recognised as real, and the silent shadow boxing going on behind the scenes to wrestle power is worsening the situation.

Nothing is happening at the Federal level, its only scheming, allegations, and sex scandals.

Anwar is the greatest danger he is a danger to all in UMNO, it is he who surfaced corruption, nepotism and cronyism in UMNO, now that was too big a danger to Mahathir Mohammed who realised that his protege had come of age and was really keen on taking the country back from his thieving tribesmen - UMNO.

If UMNO is to survive 2020 it has to address this immediately, it has to rid its membership of the corrupt, the cronies and get rid of nepotism immediately, but alas all that is ingrained in the very fabric of that party and that means UMNO is doomed.

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