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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Police report filed against Najib, Muhyiddin

HRP files a police report against the top two leaders over the race-based disbursement of scholarships and varsity seats.

KUALA LUMPUR: A police report has been filed against Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin over the race-based disbursement of government scholarships, study loans as well as matriculation and university seats.

The report filed by Human Rights Party (HRP) information chief S Jayathas at the Travers police station here also named Higher Education Minister Mohamed Khalid Nordin.

“We want the police to investigate Najib, Muyhiddin, Khalid and the government on violations of Article 8 and Article 12 of the Federal Constitution for denying Malaysian Indian students their basic right to education.

“This level of racism, religious extremism and supremacy does not exist in any other part of the world except in Najib’s 1Malaysia. Malaysia is the most racist country in the world,” he said.

“Please investigate this and reply to me in writing within two weeks, failing which I shall assume the contents of this police report to be true,” he added in the police report.

Jayathas noted that Article 8 of the Federal Constitution stated that all persons were equal before the law and entitled to equal protection of the law and that there should be no discrimination against citizens on the ground of religion, race and descent.

Whereas Article 12 of the Federal Constitution, with regards to education, reads, “Without prejudice to the generality of Article 8, there shall be no discrimination against any citizen on the grounds of religion, race and descent” in the admission to any higher education institution that is government funded.

Jayathas said that 2,237 top scoring Malaysian Indian students were denied the 10,500 local and 1,500 overseas scholarships, 40,000 matriculation seats and 847,485 public university seats as well as places in critical courses such as medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, engineering, aeronautical engineering, accountancy, law, bio technology etc.

“While Malaysian Indian students have been denied their right, Malay students with mere 2As and 3As are given seats and courses of their choice,” he added.

The HRP leader also pointed out that medical students studying in Russia, Romania, Ukraine, India and Indonesia had their valid and lawful medical degrees “maliciously derecognised on racial and supremacist grounds and with the intention of reducing the number of Malaysian Indian medical doctors when Malaysia is on the contrary facing a shortage of doctors by 100%.”

Apart from this, Jayathas said government PTPTN study loans were also denied to almost all Malaysian Indian students studying medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, law, accountancy, engineering, aeronautical engineering etc overseas and also even at the local Aimst University and other local private universities and higher education institutions.

“The ‘Certificate of No Objections’ requirement by the government for Malaysian Indian and Chinese students to study overseas is void, illegal, unconstitutional and an abuse of power by the PM, DPM and higher education minister.

“We also question how and why then were 360 students allowed to study medicine in Egypt in 2007 with only their SPM qualifications, as reported in the Star on May 31, 2007,” he added.

From the RM212 billion in 2011 Budget, Jayathas said, HRP urged the government to grant all students with 5As and above scholarships, matriclulation and university seats.

He said for students with 8As and above, they should be granted scholarships and given the course of their first choice.

“All students including law students in local private colleges and medical students in Ukraine, Russia, Indonesia, India etc be given PTPTN loans.

“Finally, we call upon the government to end all race and religious based award of PSD, Yayasan, Sime Darby, Petronas ect scholarships and PTPTN loans,” he added.

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