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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Be a clown, be a clown: Time for Zaid to reflect on what he and KITA are about

Be a clown, be a clown: Time for Zaid to reflect on what he and KITA are about

A new bunch of clowns have emerged in the skewed Malaysian political landscape. KITA‘s latest salvo at PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim is seen as totally unwarranted.

The childish gimmick of offering a silver Rolls Royce and RM10,000 cash to anyone who can find a man who looks like Anwar backfired.

It was a snide reference to the controversial Datuk T sex video, and only served to reinforce the perception that KITA head Zaid Ibrahim was a stooge for Prime Minister Najib Razak and UMNO.

Maybe KITA wanted to show that by offering a Rolls that it was a classier outfit than say Ibrahim Ali's Perkasa, but somehow it fell flat. Critics opine that while Perkasa may be boorish and low-class, KITA was no better.

In fact, it is boorish, low-class and trying to show off it had a Rolls to throw away!

Why the persistent attacks on Anwar

KITA is indeed showing its immaturity at a time when it needs to prove its professionalism and political mettle. Such publicity stunts are seen as opportunistic attacks without substance and best of all - by a mosquito political party that has yet to make any impact in Malaysia's volatile political scene.

As such, comical antics as these will only make KITA look like Clowns and lose what little credibility it holds amongst the Malaysian electorate.

The Malaysian public is not interested to know whether Anwar is guilty or not. There is no public outcry and neither has the public clamoured for his innocence to be proven.

Why is KITA so upset by the Police’s explanation that it has to keep the identity of the Sex Video offender under wraps? No one is fooled by the Police either. Many even think they are a tag team with the ultimate aim of wanting to snare and present championship belt to Najib and UMNO.

As far as the public is concerned, Anwar is a well known leader of the Opposition coalition, as well as a Hero to many Malaysians in this country. People admire him for his consistency and his earnest struggles to reform Malaysia.

Even though he is weighed down by all the poorly hatched scandals, Malaysians know for a fact that unlike other Cabinet Ministers, he is not a Murderer, nor a Rapist, or a Groping Molester, nor a 10 percent man with ties to the Abu Sayaff.

He does not moo like a cow, nor croak like a repulsive, overweight toad. And if by a miracle Anwar has cured himself of his bad back, and is now able to give such a roaring performance in the sex video, Malaysians will still write the episode off and think of him as another porn star hero. He will certainly not be the first one in such a starring role in the government.

What is KITA's and Zaid's real agenda anyway

For KITA president, Zaid Ibrahim, the Rolls gimmick is most damaging. In the past, many Malaysians looked up to Zaid as he held promise and hope for the reform agenda in the country. His membership in PKR was welcome by many Malaysians. Some even saw in him a promising leader and a future Prime Minister of this nation.

Then disaster struck.

Picked to contest in the Hulu Selangor seat, Zaid lost to an unknown from MIC. Sore loser or not, he attributed his loss to an act of internal sabotage. Although, he later vowed not to contest the deputy presidency in PKR, he still went on to contest anyway. But again without success.

Citing Anwar and Azmin as stumbling blocks to his rise in PKR, he then left in a huff to form KITA.

But while the respect for Anwar has not waned, Zaid’s reputation seems to be taking a toll. Zaid’s inconsistency and his irrational actions seem to betray his sincerity. And this latest publicity stunt only cements the fact.

Malaysians know that Anwar is not exactly an angel. But they have forgiven him his past misdeeds, and still look up to him for leadership. Zaid does not have to subscribe or even agree to Anwar's views, but he should not cause the trouble that he did while in PKR. Neither should he continue the vendetta for there is no basis for him to go after Anwar.

Is Anwar in government now? Did he embezzle billions of the country's wealth? Did he chase away our talents to our other shores? Did he stoke racial and religious tensions? Why hunt after him and not UMNO and BN?

Revenge appears to be its raison d'etre

In the latest episode, Zamil – the KITA Kedah president - told the public that:

“We are doing this to put an end to the prolonged saga following Anwar's claim that even if people say that the man in a sex video may look like him, it is not his tummy."

Zamil also said he would invite Eskay, Zaid Ibrahim and Senator Ezam Noor to sit in a panel to identify the Anwar look-a-alike.

“The three of them were very close to Anwar. They can tell who looks exactly like Anwar. The public are confused. I believe Anwar can finally clear his good name if we can help him find a man who looks like him, walk like him, and even smile like him."

But all 3 men are well-known to be bitter enemies of Anwar's. Does Zamil think he was being smart? By the way, Zamil was only to happy to tell the world the Rolls was his, while the RM10,000 was from 'someone else' in the party. Sad to think that there are people in this world who can think this is 'class'.

Coming back to the subject, KITA leaders cannot be taken seriously if they are willing to stoop so low in their quest to insult another leader.

Neither will anyone vote for them if they have no programmes other than to take petty revenge against Anwar and all the political foes who have ever slighted or stepped on Zaid's toes.

While it would be more beneficial for KITA to convince the nation of its wide ranging visions and objectives for a better nation, it looks as though it has already scored a fatal own goal. Time is up and there is no more 'extra time' for either KITA or Zaid. - Malaysia Chronicle

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