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Sunday, May 29, 2011

can't touch these !

I applaud the MACC for the arrest of 442 corrupt people who tried to bribe their officers and this weak clarion call to helping the nation towards"zero" corruption. ( read here for the full story ).

There are still a few good men amongst us in all levels of our society but there are more who are not, right ? But these arrests are in actual fact considered
"loose change" or "small fries".

So what happens now ? If only the MACC has the same scrotal gumption ( to quote my good friend Rokk !) to go after the bigger evils and bring them to book would be seen as doing the rakyat a big favour......men like the
"just discharged"Mahathir, Samy Velu, Taib Mohamad, Mohamad Taib, Toyo, Ling Siong Sek, UMNO, MIC, MCA, PKFZ and scores of others who have been reported by many concerned tax-payers but NFA ( no further action ) are taken against them ! Why this frigging double standards huh MACC ? No balls, no guts or granted untouchable by MACC ?

These men and others have ruined many innocent lives with their arrogance, greed, spitefulness, bloated egos and high political positions and have trampled on many laws with their corrupt power of money and greater harm to the nation as a whole but yet today allowed to walk shamelessly amongst us, preaching morals and values with forked tongues.

We have an even weaker and corrupt police force when it comes to protecting the rakyat but are ever ready on their knees sucking-up to politicians. BN politicians mostly anyway ! Again I say, we have the most corrupt police force money can buy ! And an equally corrupt Judiciary ! Thanks to the Maha Firuan and former PM Tun Mahathir who bred them well for 22 long years !

And so now I say, what's the deal with these 442 ? Big ?

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