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Monday, May 30, 2011

The truth about Ibrahim Ali and those who jerk his strings

The truth about Ibrahim Ali and those who jerk his strings

Anwar Ibrahim was right in calling Ibrahim Ali - the worst kind of politician in Malaysia. The same term can be used for all other politicians who continue to choose to “endorse” Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa and their brand of confrontational politics.

Ibrahim Ali is not only the worst kind of politician but he is also not very adept at being one too. And that should be applied to anyone who agrees with his assertion that a plot is underway to install a Christian Prime Minister and that the position of Islam as the official religion will be threatened.

Ibrahim can scream all he wants, cursing the air that he breathes and rant till the cows come home - statistics will prove that it would take a miracle of epic proportions for a Christian prime minister to be installed in Malaysia.

Fact one, the Christians really do not care if the Prime Minister is Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or Christian - as long as the Prime Minister of the day safeguards the interests of all Malaysians.

The only people who seem to be hyper-sensitive to the religious beliefs of the Prime Minister are people in Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali especially.

Fact two, a census conducted by the Malaysian Statistics Department in 2000 showed that Muslims account for 60 per cent of the households in Malaysia. Muslims account for more than half the majority of Malaysian households and that is a huge number.

Unless, the Muslim themselves choose to install a non-Muslim Prime Minister and amend the constitution to reflect that, then Ibrahim Ali is merely living in his own nightmarish bubble.

Fact three, Malays make up 50 per cent of the population in Malaysia. Perkasa which touts itself a champion of the Malays should know this, or maybe they don’t? Since it seems that Perkasa thinks that the Malays cannot think in a logical manner - unlike itself - it will only use scare tactics to bring them to their senses.

Being the majority population also means that the Malays enjoy greater representation in almost all strata of society thus there is no question of how much "rights" the Malays enjoy. No one has questioned this except UMNO, Perkasa and Pembela. Whatever they say, the Malays will always get a bigger slice of the cake with or without any form of governmental or constitutional help.

Of Lee Kuan Yew and the failure of 1 Malaysia

So what is Perkasa screaming and calling for holy wars, blood and dead bodies for?

Could the truth be that Ibrahim Ali is actually a deep-embedded mole for the Singapore secret police? And all this, a diabolical plot of the most devious order by Chinese-chauvinist leader Lee Kuan Yew to create a bad image for the Malays worldwide? No wonder Ibrahim Ali was chosen - who else can do a better job than him of making fools of his own race!

The fact of the matter is, Perkasa is irrelevant to the Malays and all it can do is scream and scream and scream some more. That is their whole agenda. That is how they keep themselves breathing.

Perkasa is a tool not so much as to keep the Malays scared of the other races, but also to provide Najib Razak a convenient excuse for the failure of his 1Malaysia plan.

Who else has been singing Perkasa’s tune? The person who claimed he is “Malay first, Malaysian second.” Malaysia's deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

Muhyiddin's statement contradicted his boss’s 1Malaysia slogan. The contradiction has indeed helped in the efforts to keep UMNO's totalitarian hold on government by confusing the people. So now, shall we all be Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Dayak or Eurasian first or second?

And 1Malaysia itself is a slogan with a wishy-washy political agenda. A poor stance by someone trying hard to leave his mark as a popular Prime Minister. A Prime Minister who is brave only when it comes to changing colors like a chameleon or when there are opportunities to crystallise his image as a popular leader.

Najib Razak. Now the 6th prime minister and previously the same person, who as UMNO Youth Chief, had claimed that he wanted to bathe a “keris” in Chinese blood. And all for the sake of helping another prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad, to launch Ops Lalang and throw political rivals and activists into jail.

Any wonder why 1 Malaysia is a failure?

If Malaysian politicians have any substance or sincerity, they should not be chucking "clowns" like Ibrahim Ali under the chin and telling critics to let him be. If Malaysian leaders have any decency in them, they would be busy drafting laws that punish hate-crimes.

Anwar may be right and Ibrahim Ali could be the worst kind of politician in Malaysia. But the really evil ones lurk not too far behind.

- Malaysia Chronicle

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