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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Transport money for voting also a 'norm'?

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''Sagu hati', 'duit transport', 'duit petrol' - whatever you call it - it is still a bribe. Is this how Barisan Nasional justifies it?'

BN rep: We don't pay, they won't vote

Ben Hor: An elected representative from BN has blatantly admitted giving out money for "transportation allowance". No need for investigations?

Well I guess not, since it is already a "norm" as what law minister Nazri Abdul Aziz once said (of Perkasa's racist statements). We should be "mature" enough to understand this and this is not an issue.

On another note, if my memory serves me right, wasn't Nik Aziz Nik Mat investigated for "vote buying" because he gave money to the mosques months ago?

AnakPinang: 'Sagu hati', 'duit transport', 'duit petrol' - whatever you call it - it is still a bribe. Is this how BN justifies it? No wonder corruption is rife in this country when the culture has become so ingrained that one can easily justify taking and giving bribes.

Is this Islam, BN-Umno style?

Malaysians Are Not Stupid: This is another statement reflecting the typical mentality of BN ... twist the facts to justify the ends. Going by the BN assemblyperson's rationale, the government should then reimburse all voters for travelling expenses to vote.

Ghkok: If "coming out to vote" is indeed a problem, then it is a state problem, not a party problem.

The state assembly should pass a law that empowers the state government to pay each voter an amount to go out to vote. This should be totally transparent. The amount should be declared and the payment should be done openly through banks or post offices or through the tuai rumah, etc.

It should be made known that it is taxpayers' money that is paid to enable voters to overcome the difficulties of transportation. It should never be done in secrecy by political parties bringing stacks of cash in the middle of the night.

Tel: I feel sad for those who voted for you, Tamin BN assemblyperson Joseph Mauh Ikeh, or shall I say those whom you paid for to vote for you. Whatever the case, how can you come out and say, "If no money was paid, nobody would come to vote, then who is going to be elected as YB (assemblyperson)?"

Even if it were true, a politician should not say such things - you are admitting guilt.

MySecret: God help us Malaysians. Where are we all heading with these type of representatives. I do not know whether to laugh at the idiocy of his arguments, or cry in despair at his attempt.

Malay: RM1,000 or more - transport money? Better have GE 13 immediately so that we can have RM1,000 or more in our hand to overcome rising prices.

BN will find 'excuses' after 'excuses' to cover their 'illegal activities' and with the aid of EC, this crime will never surface.

But whatever the reasoning, Malaysians must collect whatever BN gives and VOTE FOR THE OPPOSITION.

Malaysians do you hear me.......
You are one. With me we are two, who else will join us?
- Malaysiakini

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