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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Time for stubborn Umno to dump divide-and-rule mentality

Time for stubborn Umno to dump divide-and-rule mentality

For many years, MCA, MIC and Gerakan used to be part of BN’s collective decisions. Together they charted out the nation’s grand scheme of things and designs for the future of this nation. They ensured that Malaysians of all races get to coexist in peace and harmony. Laws were enacted to ensure Racial Conflicts were quickly doused and not allowed to simmer. Not so anymore, with little or no representation inPparliament, these political entities have all but faded away.

Non-Malays who used to give full support to BN were gradually marginalized, reminded constantly in the mainstream media that they weren’t Malaysians, just Chinese and Indians. Along the way, BN lost track of their focus and embarked on a self enrichment spree, without due regard for the future of this nation and its people.

Malaysians, and not just the Chinese and Indians knew of the excesses of BN. Little by little BN started to lose the support of the people. While UMNO managed to hold on to the might of the Civil Service and the Rural Strongholds for support, and its purported membership of 3 million, Chinese were divided by MCA, Gerakan and DAP. MIC Indians were split by the proliferation of other Indian parties and the PR coalition.

Spring cleaning UMNO

In the last election, UMNO was shocked that many Malays had started to abandon BN, with many disillusioned at the once mighty party that purportedly fought for their rights.

This time around, Najib has called on UMNO to stop their infighting and to consolidate their positions in anticipation and preparation for a General Election.

Knowing that their position is shaky and unless they shore up their membership UMNO may not be able to scrape through this time. Calling on past members, to rejoin UMNO, with invitations extended to ex-members in other coalitions, UMNO hope to increase its membership. With MCA, MIC, Gerakan, SNAP and SUPP toppling like skittles, UMNO has realised that it has to face this election alone, as the other coalition partners are unable to provide much support.

Is it a surprise why lately we have so many controversies like Sodomy, Sex Videos, Christian Invasion, Jihad all spiced with religious undertones, just to shock the Malays from making a big Mistake to vote the Opposition?

The biggest mistake BN made was their Divide-and-Rule Policy. Thinking they can continue to cling on to power by dividing the people only led to more headaches. And if that were not enough, Religion was used to ensure Malay support would not erode. Hence, the phrase ‘Malay and Muslim’ were coined. Realising that the Malays have seen through the UMNO facade, with many abandoning UMNO for PAS which seems more credible, UMNO had devised a relentless campaign to discredit PAS. Branded as an extremist party, every rule in the book was broken to discourage Malays from recognizing PAS.

Non-Malays, resigned to the fact that they were not accorded Bumiputra status, just shook their heads and went on to what they do best. They continued to build a future for themselves without relying on Government Aid. Indirectly, this had an effect on the Chinese as protectionist policies came into play.

As the economy began to grow, Malays were astonished that they were left out of this equation, as the Divide-and Rule-policy went into effect, marginalizing the races from integrating and sharing the economic cake. Suddenly, the Malays found themselves behind the Nons in the economic growth of the country.

The introduction of the NEP to ensure Bumiputra participation in the Economy angered the Chinese. Having to share their hard-earned fortunes with the Bumiputras, who knew nothing of the economics of scale, made Non Malays sceptical of the Government’s intentions.

Everyone wants a better tomorrow

Chinese were basically Buddhists, Taoists or Confucians. Unlike the Malays, Religion plays a limited part in their lives, and it does not hinder their focus to carve out a future for themselves. Self-taught to strive for a better tomorrow through sheer hard work and saving for a rainy day has led many Chinese to weather the economic slowdown.

In turn their children learned from their parents the sharp business acumen needed to survive in a business environment. Appreciative of their hard-earned money, much of it was put away with the rest used only for essentials.

Unfazed by the reality around them, the Chinese chose to ignore the growing economic inequality around them and the envious looks from other races, while believing that as long as there is money, everyday would be a holiday.

Indians like the other Bumiputras of East Malaysia are a minority, coming from a life in the estates and plantations, their development was somewhat impeded. Indians are by nature hard working, even willing to ignore the low salaries they earn. The Government and the MIC has largely ignored this community and has not ensured that enough was done to raise the standard of the Indians.

In conclusion, Malaysians should never have been divided. It was foolhardy of BN to continue this trend of politics and today they are walking on thin ice. Nationalism should be our way of life. This is also the reason why Pakatan Rakyat will continue to appeal to young Malaysians. Many have seen through the misrule of BN and it will take People’s Power to make the change.

Meanwhile, a stubborn UMNO continues its relentless campaign to convince the Malay electorate, hoping to achieve the impossible, while still longing for the elusive answer from PAS to merge with them and shore up their sinking ship.

UMNO leaders continue to woo Malay voters, even to the extent of roping in the religious clerics to fight for the Malay cause. - Malaysia Chronicle

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