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10 APRIL 2024

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Big gap in Gaps' logic on scholarships

vox populi small thumbnail'What Gaps is saying that while the non-Malays pay income tax, the bumiputeras will have the sole rights to enjoy it.'

Gaps: Only bumis have right to scholarships

Black Mamba: It was bad enough having Perkasa and Pembela uttering rhetoric hurting the feelings of the non-Malays and non-Muslims, the final nail to drive bright non-bumiputera scholars away from Malaysia is from Gaps.

Rest assured, if their stand is implemented, there will be an immense exodus of brains to developed countries and Malaysia will be left with those unwanted brains from the drains and it'll be irreversible.

Tel: It seems that there are lots of jokers out there who want to become heroes. The problem is, all of them turn out to be idiots. This country is a multiracial country and will stay that way, whether we like it or not.

What are you trying to prove by giving out such a statement, Hamidzun Khairuddin? By giving such a statement as the president of Gaps only goes to show that the organisation is full of idiots.

DontPlayGod: What Gaps is saying that while the non-Malays pay income tax, the bumis have the sole rights to enjoy it.

I have always argued that the constitution was written by a team of Commonwealth law specialists, and no lawyers - especially from Commonwealth nations - would ever write a racist and discriminatory constitution.

Wake up, Gaps. All this discrimination and special rights is the creation of Umno. Perhaps, it is time for our nation to refer to the Commonwealth, headed by a team from England, to trash this out once and for all, and forever lay to rest the ghost of our founding fathers.

Terus: It is a matter of opinion and interpretation. We should never deny the constitution mentions the special rights and position of the Malays, but was there any mention of scholarships, or for that matter, bumiputera?

TehTarik: Maybe Peninsular Malaysia should be split into two sub states. One a secular state for moderate Malays, Chinese, Indians and other minorities where alcohol and gaming is permissible. The other part, a Muslim theocracy for bumis who subscribe to Perkasa's extremist views, including Gaps and Pembela.

The taxes from the non-Malays will be solely used to develop and administer the first sub state. The second sub state will solely depend on taxes from Perkasa and Gaps members and its ilk. Ibrahim Ali can be elected to be the president of the second sub state.

For once in their lives, Perkasa and Gaps members will have to work hard to earn a living, and therefore have little make moronic statements.

Patriot: This country was built on and continues to progress on the blood, sweat and tears of all the communities. The harvest of our toil and hard work must be distributed to all communities.

It brings to mind a popular Malay proverb: Lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama. An obsessed mind breeds contempt.

Sarawakian_3ff9: Fine. So now we should split our income tax into two groups, one by and for bumi and the other by and for non-bumi. The bumi can then use their own tax for whatever they wish and likewise the non-bumi.

Why is the country now so inundated with so many morons?

Kita to go for polls with 'realistic' manifesto

Kit P: The MP for Nibong Tebal is a symbol of everything that's wrong with Kita. It is choc-a-bloc full of mercenaries of dubious integrity, for sale at, rumour has it, rather modest cost.

They claim to be independent, a 'third way' but so far they behave and sound just like a BN sub-contractor by attacking Pakatan Rakyat. You just have to follow Zaid Ibrahim's statements in the last few months.

Faz: Politics is a game of numbers. If you do not have the numbers, you are irrelevant. Kita is a mosquito party and whatever manifesto they can think of, it will either resemble BN or Pakatan.

With fewer people to carry the banners and 'froggy' leaders to lead the party, Kita will be marginalised by the supporters of BN and Pakatan. We will be better off giving our all to Pakatan.

If we are looking for some resemblance of fairness, let us build Pakatan up to achieve it in Malaysia. Umno-BN is too arrogant to think about it and Kita is hopelessly too inadequate to help us.

Habib RAK: "It is always the people who run the party who spoil it. They are the ones who are not as idealistic as their party's principles," said Tan Tee Beng.

My free advice to Tan, Zaid and others in Kita, go see yourself in the mirror and say what you have said above.

AnonymousXYZ: Looking at the comments here, it's obvious how shortsighted and silly some people are. If it is true change that you are fighting for, you wouldn't mind which vehicle will bring it.

If Kita is not expected to be a significant threat, then Pakatan supporters should not get so hot and bothered to comment negatively about Kita and the people behind it. Truly, their words belied their belief.

Bluemountains: Only MPs who have no principles jump from one party to another. They should resign as MPs if they cannot remain with their party anymore for whatever reasons.

Don't think the rakyat is stupid. They are waiting to finish such people should they contest again in the next GE with the forfeiture of their deposits.

Onyourtoes: Put it this way, if Kita can win one seat, whether federal or state, I shall forever not to write again in Malaysiakini. How about it? - Malaysiakini

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