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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Third Man: Altantuya's mystery deepens

your say''The Third Man' is a classic movie from the 40s. The story revolves around a mystery man that appears at a murder scene.'

'Mystery person travelled with Razak, Altantuya'

Singa Pura Pura: Quite apart from the senseless murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu by two seemingly disinterested individuals and the allegation of a kickback of almost half-a-billion-ringgit, does this country of ours need three submarines that would cost its 20 million '1Malaysia' citizens RM4.3 billion in net price and probably hundreds of recurring millions of ringgit to run and maintain.

This prodigal waste of our money and resources is exemplary in its obscenity.

Meranti Kepong: There are two aspects of this case which Malaysians need to know because as taxpayers they bear the cost of the purchase of the two submarines and associated services.

1. Who facilitated the murder of Altantuya and get her out of the way?

2. Who received the lion's share of the commission?

Realistic: The strategy is make sure the sex scandal about DSAI (Anwar Ibrahim) is always prominent in the papers so that people will forget about Altantuya.

Now they are distributing the sex video all over the country to convince people that the person in the video is indeed DSAI. The usual suspect is none other than those connected with Umno.

But one can feel that this move will backfire soon. People are feeling that this government headed by Umno is breaking all the laws to ensure they hold on to power in Putrajaya and that they are immune to any prosecution.

Ttloo: With the appearance of the 'mystery person' who travelled with Abdul Razak Baginda and Altantuya, this episode is now getting even more interesting.

Lim Chong Leong: What is so mysterious about this third person? Is he plump? Does he have a balding head with grey hair, eyebrows and moustache? Does he wear chrome spectacles, has sneaky eyes and pink lips?

Does he always try to scratch your back and asking you to scratch his? Does he have a fat and expensive wife with a big hairdo and a fat ego to match? Take a wild guess.

Malaysians Are Not Stupid: This submarines deal happens under the watch of Najib, who was the defence minister then. He must explain why so much commissions were paid.

Sentinel: It would be better if a bank account number be published to raise fund for Suaram so that more people can play their part in making contributions, no matter how small. This is something every Malaysian wants an answer.

Proarte: Well, let us brace ourselves for another case of 'looks like me, sounds like me but is not me'. Let us hope that the French judicial system is more rigorous and not blatantly corrupt like the Malaysian judiciary.

We can never expect to have justice in Malaysia as the whole system of governance in this Umno-styled 'Islamic state' helmed by Malay Muslims is broken and immoral.

Najib will probably take a leaf out of Anwar's book and claim a 'conspiracy' with 'a hired actor' playing the role Najib if this 'mystery' person turns out to be him.

Anonymous: 'The Third Man' is a classic movie from the 40s. The story revolves around a mystery man that appears at a murder scene. This man is evil personified and played by the magnificent Orson Welles.

I think PM Najib would love this movie. - Malaysiakini

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