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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cronyism at work in padi seed contracts

VOXPOP 'This is just another day in an Umnoputra's life. Of course, the warlord knows that ‘noh' action will be taken.'

Farmers urge probe into padi seed supply contracts

vox populi small thumbnailTell the Truth: Some ministers think the people are stupid because by saying everything is above board without proving that it is so, they expect the people to believe it.

What are the opposition MPs doing? Do you just sit down and accept their explanations? We voted you in to take care of our concerns, not to sit down and be selective on your rebuttals.

Sekinchan assemblyperson Ng Suee Lim is right. Either Agriculture Minister Noh Omar give a proper explanation or he should resign. It is our money he is lording over.

Opah: Umno's greed knows no bounds, even to the extent of compromising our basic food supply.

The problem with low quality seeds is that there is no way of telling the quality just by inspecting them. You have to plant the seeds and only at harvest time do you know whether you will get the yield you expected.

It is unfair that hard working farmers be asked to take a chance just to enrich Umno's cronies.

Onyourtoes: This is causing market distortion and creating monopoly, as simple as that. And as in all monopolies, it is bad for business.

If the government want to subsidise the farmers, they should give the cash to the farmers directly and allow them buy the seeds from whichever sources they deemed most beneficial.

Awarding seed supply contracts and paying the subsidies through cronies only serve to enhance the market power among the seed suppliers.

Profiteering, short-changing and corruption are inevitable. There is no need to investigate or show proof, economics principle dictates so.

Bozo: Deputy agriculture minister Chua Tee Yong, what have you got to say on this? I bet you will keep quiet because the person involved is your boss.

Blind Freddo: While it's obvious that the Umno-style agriculture minister has completely lost the plot, there is evidence to suggest that professional agriculturalists and the farmers themselves are not innocent bystanders in the agricultural farce that is being played out at the moment.

Ksn: Is there any area of government function - like awarding of contracts such as in this case or any other for that matter, costing thousands to millions, billions, all from public funds - that is above board, clean and transparent?
Everything and everybody in government seems rotten and completely lacking in integrity, from head to foot.

Appum: Well, what if this happens to the opposition? For sure the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), the police, all the ministries and the whole chain gang will be rushing in to take action.

Can we expect the same here when this is happening with BN leaders? What kind of democratic system do we have? The best in the world, so says the PM.

Anonymous #67264381: This is just another day in an Umnoputra's life. Of course, the warlord knows ‘noh' action will be taken.

All agencies are under the Umno regime's thumb. No amount of scandal makes any difference to Umno, they consider taxpayers' money as their own, to 'wine, women and song' as they like.

It is left to us, the people to vote them out in GE13. - Malaysiakini

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