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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Terrorists in our midst, admits Hishammuddin

There are “many” terrorists moving around in and out of Malaysia, both of foreign and domestic origin, the Home Ministry disclosed today.

NONE“They are mainly using Malaysia as a transit point... but not making Malaysia a target,” the minister, Hishammuddin Hussein (left), gave his assurance at a press conference at Parliament House.

However, Hishammuddin said, the danger to Malaysians was slight as the terrorists were under constant surveillance by Malaysian authorities.
The authorities were just waiting to pounce on them should they ever make Malaysia or Malaysians their target, or if they plan to target foreign countries, warnings will be given to the relevant countries to take action.

These terrorists, he explained, are both Malaysians and foreigners.

However, the minister said the investigations did not point to the terrorists making Malaysia as a base for recruitment.

Asked for details, he refused to disclose further information, citing the need for authorities to hold their cards close to their chests so that those they were watching would be none the wiser and would not change their tactics.

Hishammuddin said this when announcing that the two Malaysians arrested in Lebanon for alleged links to terrorism activities were indeed terrorists.

He said the duo had been under close surveillance by Malaysian authorities in cooperation with foreign intelligence agencies and they were found to have clear links with the al-Qaeda terrorist network while they were in Malaysia and when moving around abroad.

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