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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tanda Putera release postponed to 2013

The release of locally-produced film Tanda Putera has been postponed for a second time and is now expected to be screened only next year.

NONEWhen contacted today, director Shuhaimi Baba (left) confirmed that the film will not be screened on November 15 as previously planned.

“No screening, because (the) Nov 15 (date) has been cancelled. The new date will be in 2013. There is no more slots for this year,” Shuhaimi told Malaysiakini in a text message.

Both Shuhaimi and producer Aida Fitri Buyong declined comment on the reasons for the second postponement and said the question should be posed to the National Film Development Corporation (Finas).

“It is better if this matter is referred to the Finas director Naguib Razak or (Information, Communications And Culture Ministry) secretary-general Kamaruddin Siaraf for reasons (for the delay),” Shuhaimi said.

Finas declines comment

When contacted, however, Naguib too declined comment, citing a busy schedule.

Tanda Putera depicts second Prime Minister Abdul Razak Hussein and his deputy Ismail Abdul Rahman during the post-May 13 period.

NONEThe RM4.8 million film was produced by Pesona Pictures Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Finas.

It was initially slated for a September 13 release but was postponed to November 15 by Finas, ostensibly to extend promotional activities for the film.

The film has been previewed to a focus group sometime in July while its online trailer received considerable brickbats over some of the scenes depicting May 13.

Shuhaimi had previously denied claims that the release date for the film was linked to the general election.

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