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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stop degrading the Federal Constitution, Umno told

In so many occasion, Umno often uses Islam as its subject to woo the Malay community back into its fold. In doing this, Umno leaders frequently accused Opposition leaders particularly Pakatan Rakyat of doing things that are degrading the religion, compromising with the other races and religions in order to sideline Islam, to Christianize the country, to make this country a republic, pro-Jewish and so on.

Then, these Umno leader came up with a new idea in order to counter their "religious" arch rival PAS, by saying that "Malaysia is already an Islamic state" by virtue of its description in the Federal Constitution. The "Malaysia is an Islamic state" matter was later repeated by none other than an Umno supreme council member, who is also the minister in the prime minister's department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz in the parliament recently.

According to Datuk Nazri, the Federal Constitution already said it all. Well, we would consider Datuk Nazri really didn't understand the Federal Constitution well. It was his mere personal interpretation in order to satisfy just a bunch of denying facts morons out there that Umno truly "champions" Islam and that this country should remain under Umno forever. In fact Datuk Nazri himself is also in a denial mode.

In Article 3 Clause 1 of the Federal Constitution, it reads, "Islam is the religion of the Federation; but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation." It did not mention that the Federation is an Islamic establishment. It only stated that Islam is the religion of the Federation. If the Federation is really an Islamic establishment, then the entire content of the Federal Constitution should be Syariah-based. But we cannot find any Syariah-based applications which was supposed to be incorporated in the Federal Constitution if the Federation is really an Islamic establishment as the latest claimed by Datuk Nazri.

In this case, whatever alleged by Datuk Nazri himself is already against the Federal Constitution itself. What kind of "law minister" is this Datuk Nazri in fact? We urge Datuk Nazri and the rest of the Umno leaders to stop degrading or insulting the Federal Constitution to their own political benefits.

The Federal Constitution does not belongs to Umno, the Federal Constitution stands above all and it belongs to the people. The Federal Constitution is where people would go back to refer to when politics could not resolve their woes.

By the way, the fact that is, no religion is greater or powerful than any other religions. All religions are equal in status. If this is still not understood, than go back to your religious books and study the basics again.

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  1. I 100% agreed with this article to make more malays undertand the situation , espcially UMNO's malay , some one must translate to malay language , so that most UMNO malays didn't understand many clauses of the federation constitution.


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