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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ignore AES summonses, PAS urges the people

PAS has called on members of the public to ignore traffic fines issued through the automated traffic enforcement system (AES) on grounds that the system is unjust and will benefit crony companies.

PAS vice-president Mahfuz Omar told a press conference today that the call is limited only to summonses issued under the AES and not for regular traffic police summonses. 

Mahfuz, who heads pressure group campaigning against the abolishment of postal summonses for traffic offences, called Kase, added that the AES system would become a burden to the people. 

He said Kase was readying 100 lawyers to help those who have been penalised through AES.
Summonses issued under wrong section of Act

"The federal government should declare void all summonses issued since Oct 13. 

"If the government refuses to do so, I urge those who receive the AES summonses to not pay the fine, which amounts RM300 (each). 

"Follow the instructions on the summons notice and go to court. Kase will have lawyers to help," Mahfuz, the Pokok Sena MP, told reporters at the Parliament lobby today. 

He added that summons issued under the system was misleading as it was being issued under Section 79(2) of the Road Transport Act for speeding offences.

Mahfuz insisted that Section 79(2) referred not to speeding but for not obeying traffic rules and signs.

He also pointed out that while AES summonses were for a flat rate of RM300, as printed on copies sent to road users, Section 79(2) specifes fines of "up to RM500", which means that there should be discretion on the part of traffic court judges to reduce the fines.

This was among one of the provisions of the law that Kase intends to test in court.

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