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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


KEPAYAN Rumah Murah shopping area is fast growing with food and beverage outlets with its famous 'Roti Kahwin, Pau and not forgetting Yu Sang Mini Market'. These business operators operates from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm daily. Thousands patronizes Kepayan Rumah Murah each day. It is a good sign. However, a proper road system is required at this area immediately.

Andrew Lee, Special Assistant to Kota Kinabalu MP had carried out a observation at the area. Throughout the observation, we learned that the road system is in a mess with drivers parking anywhere and any way that pleases them.
Double parking in this area is a common site and it will obstruct traffic flow from the opposite area coursing congestion. The authority such as DBKK must provide a plan 'FAST'.

It is so obvious that enforcement officers, engineers, town planning department, consultants and the Mayor of DBKK is ignorant about this matter and also proves that representatives from DBKK does not carry out site inspections at Kepayan Rumah Murah Shopping Area.

How can this be happening? The public have been putting up with these nonsense for the past sixteen(16) years now and nothing had changed. Please do not tell the public that DBKK has no fund/ allocations.

Andrew was commenting on a response told by one of the DBKK officers. The public does not want to hear that. Where does the money go to? Sabah DAP urges all relevant parties, most importantly DBKK to provide a solution fast for the safety, comfort and convenience for the public.

"Please allow me to remind the public that we all are tax payers,(Assessment, Parking, License etc...) and we deserve better and I personally, and am sure many would agree with me that DBKK being twelve this year, should be more efficient in serving the public."

Areas to look into :-

1) Roads surrounding Kepayan Rumah Murah to be converted to one way street.
2) Proper parking lots with yellow lines.
3) To station 2-3 enforcement officers to ensure new ruling is effective.
4) Centre open space area to be converted into parking area & loading/unloading area for F & B outlets and mini market.

Sabah DAP is constantly keeping watch and urges DBKK and other relevant parties to speed up implementation. (DAP Media)

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