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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Number one worry now!!

A former CID chief called the recent spades of shootings as a new phenomenon. Indeed it is a new worrisome phenomenon.
There are so many recent cases of shooting to kill.
Just two days ago, the My Watch chief was shot but he managed to drive away from his assailants but is reported to be still in critical condition, Then the next day, we have news that a former Arab Malaysian banker was shot dead in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Then there was a report in the Star that two men opened fire at a group of people in a restaurant in Ipoh, killing one and injuring two.
Just a few weeks back, we have the deputy DG of custom being shot dead while on the way t work in Putrajaya.
I thought these things happened only in the Philippines. Malaysia is supposed to have a very strict gun control law. How these killers have access to firearms reflects the perennial problem of having many laws but little enforcement.
Police believe that many of these killings are by hired killers. There are also reports that it only takes a few thousand dollars to hire these killers.
This is on top of the recent spades of robbery cases in eateries and convenient stores in many parts of the city. And many cases of snatch thefts.
What has this country become? Criminals are acting as if there are no law enforcement at all.
Crime is now the number one worry of the rakyat.
We need an efficient and clean police force urgently.. Maybe in this situation where crime is becoming so rampant, we may need to engage some foreign experts to help solve some of these cases, retrain our police  and help tackle the rising problem of serious crime being committed.
This may be one instance that we may need to source for outside expertise in order to retrain and remodel our police force, and let the force regain the trust of the people.
The root cause of all these? I blame it on corruption. Corruption is like a cancer, and it has caused the rots in our institution, and without the real resolve to tackle it, we will see these institution decaying and rotting further, like the tissues in a terminally ill cancer patient.

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