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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Various groups support school headmaster

Several groups, including an Umno branch, threw their support behind the SK Seri Pristana school headmaster.
SUNGAI BULOH: Four out of five banners put up on the fence at the front portion of the school show support for the SK Seri Pristana headmaster, Mohd Nasir Mod Nor.
The most prominent banner is by the Taman Seri Pristana Umno branch. It has a photo of the teachers breaking fast in the same shower room used by the students.
On the banner is written:“Kami bersama SKSP” (we are with SKSP). The banner also says “ Cikgu Nasir… u r the bezzz!!!!”.
Another banner was from a Facebook support group.
It reads “Seluruh warga pendidik SK Seri Pristana…kami sentiasa bersama anda…teruskan mendidik anak bangsa” (To all the teachers of SK Seri Pristana… we are always with you… continue to educate our children).
Two other banners were from the Seri Pristana Youth’s Association and an online advertising firm respectively.
The banner by Sri Pristana Youth’s Association reads “Awas… Fitnah!!!… Tak Bertamadun… SK Seri Pristana = Mangsa” (Beware…Slander!!!. It’s uncivilised… SK Seri Pristana is the victim)
The banner by the advertising firm Letak.my stated “We fully support En. Mohd Nasir Mohd Nor, SKSP teachers and their staff. Gratitude teaches us to appreciate the rainbow and the storm”.
Nevertheless, there was one banner that warned the school administration on their actions, claiming that the school is being watched.
The banner read, “Berhati-hati dengan tindakan anda…anda diperhatikan”
The banner put up by the Seri Pristana Neighbourhood Watch showed a photo of the students eating in the shower room with a CCTV camera labeled ‘police’ pointing towards the students.
When asked by FMT, the security guard said he was not sure when the banners were put up.
He claimed to have only seen them when he turned up for work in the morning.“I’m not sure when they put it up. The banners were already here when I came to open the school gates in the morning, they must have put them up at night,” he said.

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