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22 May 2024

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What became of probe into Hare's police report?

YOURSAY ‘We will investigate the inspector's complaint but in the meanwhile we will charge him for murder? This does not make sense.'

Fourth suspect charged with Dhamendran's murder

your sayLover Boy: Inspector Hare Krishnan is an accused, irrespective of his race.
Although no plea was taken, what is interesting to note is nine days after the death of detainee N Dhamendran, Hare Krishnan lodged a police report on his alleged non-involvement. He appears to know who the real culprits are.

The truth or his version of the story will eventually come out. My only concern is with murder being a non-bailable offence, will Hare Krishnan be able to survive till his trial?

Now until then, there will be some serious horse trading whereby he will admit to a lesser crime not amounting to murder. That I feel will be the outcome of this ‘wayang kulit' show.

Anonymous 007: We will investigate the inspector's complaint but in the meanwhile we will charge him for murder? This does not make sense.

Nil: A charge implies that investigations have been completed, and that there is evidence that will stand up in a court of law.

The fourth suspect could have been charged in his absence but he was lured to give himself up and now a full investigation is made?

Jeremy Ng: The whole event is highly suspicious. The fact the fourth suspect lodges a police report was never revealed when the warrant of arrest was issued.

The IGP must clarify whether this guy was on leave or not. I guess the trial will end up as another drama.

Fair Play: The situation is getting explosive. Every incident is now turned into a race-based issue, never mind that an alleged police brutality is an alleged police brutality.

Onyourtoes: Even though the police officers concerned have beencharged in court, I still feel that the inspector-general of police (IGP) and the home minister must apologise to the nation for the deplorable state of our police force.

Imagine, police officers charged for murder. Before this, we have police officers charged for gang rape. All these incidents took place in the police station - the sanctuary of law and order.

The IGP must learn a thing or two from the Singapore commissioner of police. See how the commissioner expressed remorse because one its own was suspected to be involved in a recent double-murder case.

See how he has expressed fear of public reaction and criticism of how the police personnel in the republic were recruited, trained and monitored of their financial and psychological situation.

I think this country has taken too lightly many of these happenings. Once the rot has started, it is too late.

FairGame: In Malaysia, there is no accountability. In all aspects of nation building, from education and sports to the governing of this country, no leaders or head will be ethical enough to take responsibility for any failure, and neither will they be held accountable.

This is the malaise affecting our country, and the main reason for our regressive development and blatant and rampant corruption.

Equalizer98: My appeal is let's not make this a racial issue. Let's be thorough and open about all elements in the case. There shall be no hiding of facts.

It is better to get an independent lawyer to be the prosecutor as the rakyat have no confidence in government ones. And let justice be done without fear or favour.

Ourvotesdecide: Lawyer Latheefa Koya, please start a civil suit on behalf of the deceased and his family against all the police officers concerned, the district police chief, the chief police officer, IGP and the Malaysian government.

Use all available means to expose what really happened to the deceased, who caused his death and how.

Touche: The Taiwanese minister of defence resigned because one soldier died of exhaustion during training. However, none of our ministers or inspector-general of polices resign when hundreds died in police custody.

Malaysian police and ministers have no morals and no sense of accountability, they only know politicking.

Cala: Race, racism, crimes, corruption, suicide, environmental pollution, degradation of common areas in low-cost housing, etc, are complex social issues that cannot be solved by pinning on the culprits.

Just as French sociologist Emile Durkheim saw it in some 116 years ago, one needs to move beyond the culprits to get a glimpse into the cause of each phenomenon.

We need the collective action of the society to address them. To merely point our fingers at the culprits even if the allegation is proven later on is a half-baked answer.

Rezeki Iklas: Just proceed to push for the setting up of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC). Why all the unnecessary finger-pointing? - Malaysiakini

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