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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

ALLAH ruling is clear-cut: Why is Najib shirking the TRUTH & Zahid telling LIES?

ALLAH ruling is clear-cut: Why is Najib shirking the TRUTH & Zahid telling LIES?
It is definitely set that the “Allah” issue is not going to cross the horizon for as long as it remains as a deeply entrenched political game plan and has to be meddled through political interventions.
Hence, it is quite understandable why all the confusing and forked statements keep gushing from different corners within the UMNO-BN power house on who can and who cannot use the “Allah” word and when and where.
One minute they say it is binding on all non-Muslim religions. Another minute they blurt “contempt of court” hollering threats.
Then again, they say it “only applies to West Malaysia” but only to further contradict by saying that it only applies to the Catholic newspaper The Herald.
When intentions are wrong, the results speak loud and clear. This adage certainly is cut to the hilt in this case of the “Allah” issue in Malaysia.
Here are some concerns that are being traded at the citizens’ court of common sense:
> If it is truly a fundamental issue threatening Islam, why in the first place is the Muslim world of learned scholars and religious heads – both locally and abroad, not supporting the Court ruling?
> If it is a demand that justifies the frameworks of justice, honor and rights as universally enshrined down the ages, why are secular leaders and media jurors condemning the action taken against the non-Muslims in Malaysia and are scoffing at the alleged accusations being leveled against non-Muslims?
Splitting Christians in Malaysia down the line
Now, Sabah and Sarawak Christians seemingly are being split further from their Christian brethren on mainland Malaysia with the ‘exemptions’ being handed over by the UMNO-BN leadership and entourage.
Christians in East Malaysia should not fall into the viper's pit by singing dejavo over being let off the hook. They must instead be able to see beyond and through the wool being screened before their eyes.
They must take into account the following truths and rise above the under-currents.
Firstly, Christians all over the world are united by faith and credo and not by race, color, socio-economic privileges and political margins. They stand in solidarity through faith and religious practices.
Secondly, throughout the world, Christians uphold the freedom to worship and the right to honor God in a manner that cannot be dictated by faiths other than their own as much as they too do not dictate how others (non-Christians) should pray, praise and thank the Creator Almighty.
Thirdly, Sabahan Christians and Sarawakian Christians will live by the dictum that “as long as you did this to the least of our brethren, you have also done it to us”. Hence, if UMNO-BN thinks it is a smart move to appease the East Malaysian Christians while arm-twisting the Mainland Malaysian Christian community, it is sorely mistaken.
Those who abuse religion will face a fiery day of reckoning
Last but not least, UMNO-BN has fallen into its own diabolic trap by thinking that it can cut itself loose from the tentacles of having abused religion to score brownies on the political scale.
Whether the Ministers and all those aligned or enlisted to wriggle their way out of this mess or whether it tries hard to distance itself from this “Allah” issue and make it appear like it is the community of Muslims who are behind this “Allah” exclusivity demand, the fact remains that it is too late in the day and hour.
The only solution ahead is for all plotters and supporters to eat humble pie, owe up and convincingly redress never to politicize religion; never to sacrifice religious freedom; never to ostracize humanity along religious parameters; and of course to stop playing God.
Church too must be completely transparent
Meanwhile, the head of the catholic church in Malaysia must also learn and learn fast that he cannot on the one hand state that this whole episode is one of “religious persecution” and shortly after that quietly work behind the scenes by appealing for political intervention.
The reported incident of the confiscated 2,000 copies of the Herald in East Malaysia and its release after a BN politician’s willingness to help the Archbishop’s ‘beggar-request’ is not going down well either amongst believers and non-believers.
As the head of his flock he must recognize that an affront on the God given gift and right to believers is unacceptable and only deserves condemnation. It certainly is not for politicians to meddle with. And if such meddling has been in the works then fight along universal parameters of rights, freedom and honor with full dignity and not take a politically patronizing route.
Allah issue is about more than the name of God
We need to see the big picture of this totally uncalled for “Allah” issue. It is not about just Catholics or Christians or Sikhs or Hindus or Jews. It is about the sanctity of humanity’s peace, progress and fulfillment on earth.
For as long as a government has undermined, jeopardized and sentenced civilization’s right, honor and glory before God, by its very failure in facilitating, enabling and resolving the issues at hand, then all right thinking and inspired humans must not fall behind the temptation of “Okay, my interests are secured, let others deal with theirs”.
We must pull down any wool that is blanketing our eyes and champion truth.

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