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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Zaid is a nobody, a “homeless drifter”, says Perkasa

Former minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim's recent attack against Perkasa was his way of seeking popularity again, said the Malay rights group secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali (pic).
Describing Zaid as a "homeless drifter" without any party to lead, Syed Hassan said the former minister is feeling left out as no party or non-governmental organisation wanted him.
"He wants to remain relevant and that is why Perkasa was his target," said Syed Hassan.
"But who is he to attack us and our president (Datuk Ibrahim Ali)? He has no party and does not lead any major NGO. Even in the party he formed (Kita), the older members rejected him."
Syed Hassan also said that Zaid was not an authority when it came to Budget 2014, so he should reserve his comments on that issue.
The Perkasa leader's criticism followed Zaid's comment piece, "The New Budget and Perkasa", where he had urged Putrajaya not to recognise Perkasa and to steer clear from their "lunatic ideas".
Zaid,  a fomer Umno member before joining PKR and then setting up Parti Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah Air (Kita), had also commented that Perkasa "should not be allowed to go amok" and that "its very existence is an embarassment to the country, especially to the Malays".
Zaid even suggested that if Perkasa was not curbed, the NGO could start another world war. He was referring to the Malay rights group's constant attacks against the Christians and the Chinese.
“He is a lawyer who made it big through with help from Umno, his former party,” said Syed Hassan.
“Nobody takes Zaid seriously. That is why he talks nonsense.”
In an immediate response, Zaid tweeted: "Perkasa says I am desperate to be popular; yes that is true but I will not say stupid and dangerous stuff like you know who". 

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  1. What bullshit. Zaid Ibrahim identified the problem much earlier amongst the Malays and the poor.
    This Coronovirus 19 emergency is clear that we lack tremendous education created by BN Govt to their benefit. We are a group of sick people claiming religion is the answer to survival. I wish DAP puts Zaid up as PM candidate. Let them all debate. On another note, most memebers of the civil service miss the PH Govt. They brough sanity, clearing corruption and they enjojed working with them that tears flowed when they left. Today MARA Chairman and directors are removed so that new people could be put in to rape the system. The same clown Maszlee, who I though could not work with this Govt is to be considered. Thats the end. Let the weak do their nonsense. I give Love and Peace to them.


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