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Friday, February 27, 2015

ANWAR THE MAN NAJIB IS NOT: Anwar will rise again & so will Malaysia!

ANWAR THE MAN NAJIB IS NOT: Anwar will rise again & so will Malaysia!
Indeed this picture (below) knits a million words of agonizing human pain and with hope propped up with sheer human determination and faith in God Almighty and all His good people on earth.
For a woman and a man who love each other; for their children who stand together with them in pain and hope despite the shame rained on them relentlessly; for countless Malaysians who see Anwar Ibrahim as a persecuted political icon; for leaders around the world, including Parliaments who have spoken out – will we all ultimately witness compassion and clemency reigning supreme, setting free Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim from the cold cement floor behind starring iron bars and in the company of criminals and crooks as he incarcerates in prison?
That is the ultimate hope and agonizing suspense in the hearts of millions of Malaysians today while they continue to also struggle with the trouncing financial difficulties, no thanks to the almost more than halving of the world oil price.
A man thrashed relentlessly by Umno, ironically for his talent - rare among Malays - as a leader of the people
Here is a man who was virtually thrashed by the machinery of political battles but emerged as a leader for almost 52% of the voting population in the last general elections; a man who is also despised by another 48% of the voting public.
True courage: Anwar protectively cradles wife Wan Azizah, consoling her after the Federal Court verdict on 10 February 2015
In 1998 Malaysians went through their first encounter of reeling-shame as they read and heard about the charges against this then deputy prime minister, leading to a nine year imprisonment for sodomy.
That verdict was overturned by the courts in 2004, and only to be charged again and tried in court in 2010 and 2011 before being acquitted in January 2012.
But again, in March 2014 that acquittal was overturned by the Court of Appeal, deeming Anwar, the political icon of the ‘alternative government’ to serve a five year prison term.
The last straw of hope was finally snapped in 2015 in the Federal Court when it re-affirmed the conviction and sentencing.
Last straw, Malaysians no longer have faith in the Umno-BN regime especially under Najib Razak
Today, Malaysians, once again the 52% (at the least and if not more), who voted for his leadership, clasp their hands prayerfully with Anwar’s wife and children’s submission of plea for clemency to His Majesty our respected and revered Sovereign Ruler.
Indeed, whichever way you look at it, the fact remains that Malaysia is split beyond reconciliation between the supporters for Anwar and those who want him permanently incarcerated behind bars and made dysfunctional in the political arena of this nation.
While those who believe that 67 year old Anwar is a liability to the nation – but flop miserably to convince the world around them, may continue to regard his supporters as traitors, there are just as many, if not an increasing number, who will not accept that Anwar should languish and self-destruct in prison eventually.
As much as the 48% or less of the voting population and their leaders may find the truth most pungent, the fact remains that if there is any leader in the country who can ultimately bridge all Malaysians and lead the nation to march forward then it has to be this man for whom his children and spouse have not stopped shedding tears of defense as they join the millions more around them who are holding on to hope after hope.
With his supporters
Anwar will rise again and so will Malaysia
For Anwar Ibrahim rose against so many odds and hurdles that any politician not worth his salt and pepper would have quietly faded behind the curtains of shame, hopelessness and lack of support or conveniently retired from the spotlights to quietly bask in the sunshine of accrued wealth.
Some may be gullible enough to believe that he hoodwinked 52% of the population as well as the seasoned opposition political parties namely, DAP (Democratic Action Party) and PAS (Pan Malaysian Islamic Party) through his mesmeric oratorical skills. Well that is not a compliment to him as much as it is also an insult to the voting population and the bandwagon of opposition party leaders and other world leaders who have rallied their support for Anwar Ibrahim.
Some others may continue to peddle that he may eventually sell the country to foreign powers. That is a direct assault on diplomatic relations and certainly all nations that have a trading pact with the country will take offence too. A nation that has some RM720 billion export earnings with a RM649 billion spent on imports, (2015), it certainly cannot afford to continue singing this tune that foreign agents are plotting with Anwar Ibrahim to control this sovereign nation.
Bankruptcy looms after decades of corruption
Never mind the fact that even without Anwar we have been borrowing heavily from foreign nations, let alone the selling-off of land here and there and the huge ‘investments’ that outsiders have clawed into this nation through lending money. Add to that the billions of ringgit reported to be stashed away in foreign money-vaults.
Then again, some ultras will send out a piercing public cry, harping on the moral grounds and sin. But 52% of the voting population and the leaders on the opposing side of the ruling political party had already decided this as a non-issue or continue to see the Sodomy I and II charges as an act of desperation and fabricated plot.
But for a moment let us put aside all arguments for or against this man. For a moment, let us leave politics behind; for a moment let us just focus on our inner conscience – the ultimate yardstick that separates us from all other creatures including plant-life.
Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's family has reportedly decided to seek a royal pardon over the imprisoned Opposition leader's sodomy.
Plea for clemency the only hope against a regime that no longer fears God
Do we have mercy in our hearts? Do we have the capacity to demonstrate our compassion for humanity? Do we recognize we are all mere mortals and cannot and should never play God?
Do we as a nation of people have that singular capacity within our deep consciousness to recognize that every human should have equally opportunity to prove him/herself again?
Do we as humble creatures of God Almighty match our words with deeds, demonstrate without fear or favor, and show that we are able to forgive if we still believe that Anwar Ibrahim did commit sodomy despite the courts finding him not guilty in 2004, 2012 and 2014?
With these questions cradled with hope in the bosom of our souls, certainly millions of Malaysians and others around the globe will join the family members of Anwar Ibrahim in a plea for clemency and Royal pardon. - MAILBAG

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