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Friday, February 27, 2015

'MY WORDS TWISTED': Ridhuan Tee now says rape happens because it was FATED to happen

'MY WORDS TWISTED': Ridhuan Tee now says rape happens because it was FATED to happen
KUALA LUMPUR - Controversial preacher Ridhuan Tee Abdullah claims that his words were twisted and taken out of context by agencies that were only looking to sell news.
Ridhuan, commenting on the controversies surrounding his article entitled, “When the ignorant speaks”, told The Rakyat Post recently that the article was aimed to address comments that said the implementation of hudud laws in Kelantan would only invite sex offenders into the state.
“I have never said only women are to be blamed for rape, neither did I say that the female figures make all men want to rape them.
“Instead, my words were clear. Those who are rational will not rape, and only a minority does.
“Rape does not know its victim, and although sexy or revealing clothes do play a part as men are generally attracted to the opposite sex’s body, men are not to be absolved of blame either.”
In response to rape survivor Rosheen Fatima whose words were published in Elle Malaysia magazine, saying that wearing loose T-shirt and baggy jeans did not stop her from being raped, Ridhuan reiterated that he had never said rape was the victim’s own doing.
“Sometimes rape happens because it was already fated to happen, especially if the victim had in no way contributed to it.
“These backlashes and misunderstandings were the result of certain irresponsible news portals that did not even bother to read the article properly. They only scanned through it to find what would sell and went ahead to publish it without considering to put in the whole context.
“What they did was unfair to me, but I don’t care. The intelligent ones will know how to go to the source of the reports and understand what I was actually trying to convey.”
Ridhuan’s Feb 16 article was also published in Malay daily Sinar Harian.
In a matter of hours, the contents of his article were picked up and criticised by the public who were infuriated by Ridhuan’s “insensitivity”. - http://www.therakyatpost.com/

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