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Friday, February 27, 2015

Razak brothers getting into Rosmah’s hair

YOURSAY ‘What else can be done when even your family has deserted you?’

Brothers’ stand shows rift in Najib’s family?

Vijay47: Malaysians, including Malaysiakinisubscribers who can be extremely blunt and cutting when the need arises, generally do not celebrate nor gloat over personal misfortunes falling upon political leaders, corporate tycoons, or public service heavyweights.

Therefore, if as speculation suggests there is some growing fracture within the Razak family, I doubt that many would be bothered.

Even Rosmah Mansor's indulgence in luxury and extravagance could perhaps have been ignored but for her blatant arrogance and smug in-your-face attitude.

Her only defence could perhaps be that she is weighed down by intense psychological problems. She seems to revel in mocking the public with her obscene and deliberate display of opulence while her husband somehow survives in a lost world of his own when more was expected of him.

Many would however rejoice when all blame for the family's troubles are heaped on this vain woman; her comeuppance has been long overdue.

Napoleon: Those with ill-gotten wealth will never understand how difficult it is to earn an honest living.

The greatest joke about Malaysia is that there are many who are still willing to vote for corrupt individuals because they are blinded by these leaders who claimed to protect a certain race and religion.

Tok Karut: And when some forestry chap in Hulu Perak got it for corruption of accepting a bribe of RM100,000, he refused to "explain his extraordinary wealth" to the court.

Well, this one explanation of inheritance has been refuted by the family. What else can be done when even your family has deserted you?

I am sure the shame brought to the family's good name was an uppermost consideration for the media statement by the four Razak brothers.

Anonymous_1419577444: Did anyone notice that the one who runs the country and his bigger half and his merry band of brothers do not give a hoot to what others are saying about their excesses?

Has anyone ever seen these people coming out to explain anything? They will only come out to arrest people for sedition.
So, get real, people. They don't care what you think or say. They will carry on with what they are doing.

WeLoveDemocracy: I hope people can see the truth thatMalaysiakini is not a good source for news. It’s totally untrustworthy.

Mosquitobrain: If Malaysiakini is not a good source for news and totally untrustworthy as mentioned by WeLoveDemocracy, then why are you wasting your precious time reading it?

Worst still, give comments. (And pardon me, most of the time, those comments made were written in pigeon English).

Why not you go and support the other 'mainstream' media and collect your daily trashes dished out by them?

Abasir: This is shaping up to be something of a localised Shakespearean tragedy with the overreaching protagonist, blindsided by a brood of fawning courtiers and the wiles of an evil, narcissistic female, finally loses the support and succour of both kith and kin.

With his nights filled with horrible apparitions of past transgressions and his days spent fending off real and imagined foes, he sinks, ever so gradually, into a stupour even as his phalanx of parasitic 'advisors' prepare to slink away before the final curtain, leaving him alone in a crumbled heap ... as the single spotlight fades to black.

Rosmah's hair makes waves on global new

Louis: Malaysia’s second prime minister Abdul Razak Hussein was a frugal man and had integrity second to none. Almost every day, we saw him on TV mingling among farmers, fishermen and rubber tappers, just to find out their difficulties and need.

He is in fact a people's PM. If he was alive today, I really do not know how he would react to Rosmah's RM1,200 hairdo. First, he would think that he wife Rahah Noah's whole lifetime hairdo bill did not come up to that amount.

He would also feel enraged that while the poor are eating kangkung and kembung day in day out, Rosmah can spend so much on just a hairdo.

Fair&Just: The PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) stated the money are mostly from the legacy of the late Abdul Razak.

How can Abdul Razak get so much money considering the salary of a PM, MP and menteri besar in the 60s and 70s?     

NuckinFuts: Wait for it, the PMO will probably issue a "she was misquoted by the media" statement soon. She meant to say RM120, not RM1,200?

Doc: Since Rosmah's hairdo has now become an international sensation; it is only fair that we should give her hairdo a name and thus a place in history, just like the other famous hairdos (for example, Beehive, The Rachel, ponytail, bouffant, afro, etc).

So I propose we should call it ‘The C4' hairdo based on Rosmah's vibrant, full bodied and explosive hair type.

Could I also call on my fellow Malaysiakini friends to propose other names for Rosmah's hairdo? Hopefully, we can settle on a befitting name for it. -Mkini

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