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10 APRIL 2024

Friday, February 27, 2015

Introducing "The Terengcats"

Sad to say that Terengganu has always suffered a lack of good leadership. Its not that Terengganu does not have intelligent and capable people. I know some super brilliant people who hail from Terengganu. And to me Terengganu is home to the most polite Malay traditions. As gentle as the sea breeze. 

But the political leadership has been lacking for a long time. Wan Mokhtar ruled the State until it became comatose, along with him. The people voted PAS in 1999. Hadi became the MB and used the opportunity to marry a second wife. The third came later.The people voted UMNO again in 2004.

Taukeh Idris Jusoh took off with a bang. But the Fourth Floor pirates called the shots and pulled all the cables. Monsoon Cup, Crystal Mosque, Miniature Islamic World and entah apa lagi all came to nothing. Does anyone even recall all this? Hundreds of millions were spent. It became taugeh rebus.

Now we have another team in charge in Terengganu. Folks, meet The Terengcats.

The Terengcats

They are not on medication, in case any of you are wondering. I think they should be on some medication, in case any of you are wondering. 

The guy in the blue tie is the MB, entah apa nama dia.  He is against the 21st century. He wants to go back to the 15th century or the 12th century Arabian desert. 

His latest pronouncements confirms that he shares a same value system with say these guys :

Above & Below : The "terencat". They have missed their medication.

Below : "Terencat" too. Refuses to see doctor.

I dont know what has gone wrong with these people. I did mention a few days ago that someone smsed me and said that I always pick on the minority which deviates from the norm. 

My reply is that this is not a minority. There is a pretty large number of people out there who are not part of normal, everyday human behaviour. And the latest pronouncements by The Terengcats from Terengganu just provides more proof.

In case you are wondering I think they need to see the doctor and get some medication too. 

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