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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mr Lee Kuan Yew Very Ill

This is from The Guardian newspaper:
Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s hardline first prime minister and the man widely credited with its economic success, was on mechanical ventilation in intensive care, the government said on Thursday.
Lee, who turned 91 last September, was admitted to hospital on 5 February with severe pneumonia. “His doctors have restarted him on antibiotics and are continuing to monitor him closely,” the statement said.
Lee has receded from the public and political scene but his health is watched closely as he is still seen as an influential figure for the government of the current prime pinister, Lee Hsien Loong, his oldest son.

Lee, a Cambridge-educated lawyer, is widely credited with building Singapore into one of the world’s wealthiest nations on a per capita basis with a strong, pervasive role for the state and little patience for dissent.
He co-founded the People’s Action party, which has ruled Singapore since 1959 and led the newly born country when it separated from Malaysia in 1965.
My comments : Mr Lee has not only lived to a very ripe old age but he has lived a fantastic life of solid achievement. He has almost singlehandedly created and built a very successful country and nation.
In the entire region of South East Asia, Singapore has become a solid bedrock of peace, stability, extraordinary wealth and progress. Singapore has long since joined the ranks of the OECD countries.
No human being can avoid aging. Even at age 91, Mr Lee would recall his youngest days as if it were yesterday. Life is a flash.

In the evening of his life and in the lateness of his hour I can only wish Mr Lee peace and physical comfort.
Truly he is a great man. The world will remember Mr Lee Kuan Yew as a very great leader.

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