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Thursday, September 29, 2016

1MDB survey shows misled will always be misled

YOURSAY | ‘What is more important to them is what the gov't can offer them’.
Anonymous 1816381470753461: Malays in the Malay belt are ignorant of what has happened in 1MDB. They are in the dark over 1MDB issues. This is because the print media and electronic media have deliberately downplayed the issue.
Any honest man who is morally upright, would reject Najib Abdul Razak.
Abasir: The grand corruption doesn't bother them "...because they can still get their pay, they can still buy food and live in relative comfort". Now that's called loyalty to Tanah Melayu. It's the net result of the New Economic Policy (NEP) plus all the religious indoctrination and the full manifestation of their values.
RCZ: Isn't the survey flawed, as the questions and answers posed on whether they accept Premier Najib, and whether Najib should be hauled up, are contradictory?
TimesAchanging: Are not the results of this survey saying that more of them prefer action against Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) than not?
Effectively they are saying that they'll continue supporting BN, but let's change the prime minister. Why wouldn't Umno be worried about this survey?
GE14Now!: If this is so, then it is the result of the Umno government's efforts to keep the Malays under the proverbial coconut shell. This group of people remains loyal, but are unable or unwilling to engage in critical thinking.
As long as they can eat their daily meals, that is all that matters to them. While this serves to keep the corrupt in power, it does have the long-term effect of dumbing down the country.
Well Thats Fantastic: Because I can still withdraw money from my bank account, the bank robbers should not be punished? What kind of upside-down thinking is this?
The Analyser: There is no point in worrying about how BN's performance changes and why. What you need to be studying is why PKR's performance keeps on going down.
But then you wouldn't be Malaysian if you didn't spend more time sticking your nose into other people's businesses instead of getting your own house in order.
It makes me sick every time I read someone referring to the Malay belt or the rural Malays or the urban Chinese or the kampung Chinese or the Brickfields Indians versus the plantation Indians. For god's sake, they are all Malaysians and are all equal under the constitution.
So stop segregating people because all you do is prove how truly racist everyone in this country really is. Treat the people of Malaysia as Malaysians and you might be very surprised at how favourably they respond.
9174382725382: This is not surprising. On the contrary, it would be very surprising if there's a tsunami from the Malay heartland.
Oscar Kilo: The people get the government they deserve.
Sarawakian: Interesting survey results, my thoughts exactly. PKR is my favorite party in Pakatan Harapan, followed by Amanah.
DAP is getting dangerously arrogant, and putting off the Malays by their abrasive comments on Islam and PAS. I am Chinese and a Pakatan Harapan supporter, but I put the nation above my race.
DAP may be good at governing Penang but they won't win elections behaving like that. Observing from ground zero, I attribute the loss in the Sarawak elections to DAP over-reaching and acting arrogantly by not accommodating PKR which should, by right, be competing for the bumiputera seats.
In the end, in the three-cornered fights for bumiputera seats, their results were worse than PKR's and an embarrassment.
Doc: BN's ratings can increase by up to 15 percent during the election season because BN politicians are like cockroaches.
You don't see them until election time when they emerge into the light. After the elections are over and they have secured victories, they will disappear into the shadows until the next election.
When they do appear, they bring with them sweet election goodies that many Malaysians cannot resist. The sudden and massive election-induced swarming of BN politicians and the goodies they dish out to the electorate, are the reasons for the 15 percent increase in approval ratings.
Clever Voter: We can consider ourselves blessed or cursed with a country rich in resources. One thing for sure, is that we are cursed with a corrupt political system where money shouts the most.
The general election is nothing more than a carnival where horse-trading takes place, money for favours. and where there are no principles. This is no place for nice gentlemen. Poor citizens see both sides as equally hopeless in their performance.
Cocomomo: The misled will continue to be misled. They have no problem with their leaders lying to them and making money through allegedly corrupt and fraudulent means. They are happy with petty Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M).

Saddening, but still hoping (against hope?) for change. However, the seemingly religious seem to have no problem with thieves and corruption. -Mkini

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