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Friday, September 30, 2016

Rocky, Big Dog and myth of ‘neutrality’

In his Che Det posting titled ‘Propaganda’ on Wednesday (Sept 28), Tun Dr Mahathir likened the Najib administration to a Nazi regime and a quartet of the Umno president’s men to Little Goebbels.
Tun then proceeded to take a shot at Malaysian mainstream media which he likened to Nazi Minister Joseph Goebbels’s propaganda machinery.
Tun wrote that “New Straits Times, Utusan dan TV3 sudah tidak dibaca atau dilihat oleh penonton. Mereka benci dengan pembohongan laporan yang disiar”.
Indeed some senior newsmen who are uncomfortable with recent political developments relating to Najib Razak have quit their jobs, such as Mustapha Kamil from NST and Ku Seman Ku Hussain from Utusan.
Likewise, CEO Endie Shazalie Akbar too recently parted ways with The Mole.
It is difficult to imagine a harsh critic of Umno and of Najib’s men deciding to still remain in The Mole unless the said Protun reporter is working as the proverbial ‘mole’, i.e. spy planted within the establishment.
As it is, this particular whacky employee is already looked at askance by his colleagues and subordinates as well as regarded with some suspicion by his bosses.
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Can a blogger serve two (or three) masters at one go?

In his grumblings against government propaganda, Tun also gave special mention to two alpha bloggers. He wrote:
“Demikian juga dengan peralihan kesetiaan blogger Big Dog dan Rockybru. Mereka boleh nafi mereka telah dibeli, tetapi masyarakat semua faham sebab peralihan haluan oleh mereka. Apapun yang ditulis oleh mereka dimasukkan dalam bakul sampah.”
In his posting ‘Mahathir Kampf‘ yesterday, blogger Seademon explained that for Big Dog, the straw that broke the ‘sympathy-for-Mahathir’ camel’s back was when Mahathir joined the Bersih protest last year”.
Then came blow after blow that sent Big Dog (in blue, above) staggering:
  • Tun bersekongkol dengan Kit Siang dan DAP
  • Tun bersekongkol dengan media asing
  • Tun asking voters to make the Umno candidates lose their deposit in the twin by-elections
  • Tun asking for foreign interference in Malaysian affairs
  • Tun launching a public signature campaign to topple the Umno-led government
  • Tun forming a new party to crush Umno
  • Tun kiss and make up with Anwar …
It is all these factors and more that made Big Dog and Rockybru switch their allegiance. Not dedak as alleged by Tun.
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With Rockybru and Big Dog, it is at least clear that they are not in Tun’s camp unlike a certain blogger who has his feet planted on two stools while cavorting with Cina ultras and makan kenyang from a third lubuk.
Rocky and Big Dog have responded in Twitter to Tun’s jibe.
Big Dog says that Tun holds to the Bush doctrine of “You are with me or against me” and even quips, “Death awaits disloyalty”.
Now imagine another blogger (talking about somebody else here that tumpang Rocky’s popularity) who is with Tun, and who is against Najib but pretending to refrain from taking sides in the Najib-Mahathir quarrel. What a joke!
Political blogging is partisan and only a very kind-hearted captain (mudah kesian) will believe in such a charade of neutrality. Of course the whacker can use the cover line that he is only rambling, cakap suka-suka, blogging merely for fun, never been paid, etc, etc.
Rocky made a grand total of seven postings in his blog for the entire month of August. This is hardly reflective of a media man out to get Tun.
In contrast, Annie blogged three postings in a single day when the DoJ story broke. Now isn’t that clearly reflective of a media man out to get Najib?
Marina armpits DoJ suits Annie

Agent Annie — champion whacker who hosts most toxic ANC platform

A regular commenter Hj M Zin made the observation (in Malaysia Today on Sep 28, 2016 1:21pm) that Life of Annie is “now overwhelming favourite and dominated by vulgar-mouth ANCs”.
‘ANC’ refers to the Anti-Najib Campaign, and Tuan Haji Mohd Zin of Alor Gajah is saying that Life of Annie is the favourite watering hole for Najib whackers who steer the discourse with their non-stop whacking of Najib, Umno and the government.
Tuan Haji also suspects that “good $s [has been paid] to nauzubi ‘Llah slander the PM and Datin Seri” by RBAs camping 24/7 in Annie’s blog.
Nice job. Annie’s paymaster must be well pleased.

Together with Cina ultras taking potshots at PMO

The nautical term ‘loose cannon‘ comes to mind.
In the good ol’ days of naval warfare, 24-pounder guns (cannons) mounted on four wheels were the chief weapon.
These cannons were secured by lashings on the ship deck. In a sea fight, the carriage would be unfastened and the cannon rolled to the battle station. The cannon muzzles were then pushed through the gun port to fire at the enemy — see video above.
Now imagine a runaway cannon rolling wildly on deck in the high seas and misfiring scatter shots in all directions.
Loose cannon — that would be the fire-at-will Annie whacking here, there and everywhere at Najib’s men.
-Helen Ang’s Blog

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