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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pakistan Has To Deal With Ajit Doval

On Sept 18, four Pakistani militants wearing fatigues (often Pakistani troops in disguise) sneaked across the border into Kashmir and killed 18 Indian troops at an Army outpost. Other than exposing the incompetence of the irIndian unit it confirms Pakistan's role as a base and transit point for regional terrorists.

Just like Malaysia is a transit point and logistics base for so many regional terrorists (Abu Sayyaf, MNLF, Jemaah Islamiyah, Al Qaeda, Chechen, LTTE, ISIS, Pakistani etc).

The big difference (from Malaysia) is that the Pakistani state provides the support and logistics   for these terror groups. In this regard they are just another satanic country like Saudi Arabia.  Pakistan interferes not just in India but also in other neighbours like Bangladesh, Bhutan and Afghanistan.

It looks like Pakistan's neighbors have had enough of all this. Four of them (India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Afghanistan) have decided to boycott this years SAARC Summit in Islamabad, Pakistan (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation). This effectively means that the SAARC Summit has to be cancelled. The three other members are Maldives, Sri Lanka and Nepal. 

Here is the news :

Pakistan Isolated. India, 3 More Nations Pull Out Of SAARC Summit
India, Bangladesh, Bhutan pull out of SAARC summit in Pakistan
India said Modi will not travel to Islamabad for summit in November
Bangla, Afghan, Bhutan - pulled out, isolating host Pakistan.
SAARC summit cannot take place even if one of eight members withdraws

Bangla says, "interference in internal affairs by one country not conducive to SAARC 
Bhutan said escalation of terrorism in region "seriously compromise" SAARC 
Bhutan concern on deterioration of peace, security due to terrorism 
joins them in conveying inability to participate in SAARC Summit

in terse statement, Afghan : increased violence, fighting result of imposed terrorism
Pres Ashraf Ghani will not be able to attend the Summit.
India said "cross-border terror attacks" not conducive for meeting. 
Regional cooperation, terror don't go together. India pulls out of SAARC

key move in India's global campaign to isolate Pakistan 
after four terrorists attacked Kashmir, killing 18 soldiers.

PM Modi also reviewed crucial Indus Waters Treaty
divides resources from six rivers between India, Pakistan
saying "blood and water can't flow together."
India will utilise more water, eat into surplus Pakistan been using 
if India pulls out of Indus Waters treaty, amount to "an act of war" 
PM Modi called to downgrade Pakistan's status as trading partner.
My comments :  In Pakistan war is a source of income for the Army Generals and the ISI (Pakistani intelligence). The Afghan wars have made millionaires of so many Army brass in Pakistan. It is a corrupted country - just like ours.  Once an area is declared a 'security area' local businesses need security permits  and licenses from the Army to operate their business. That is huge corruption.

The country's political leadership is made up of oligarchical land owning families who treat the govt coffers as their private ATM. 

Plus they have a megalomaniacal perception of themselves as the saviours of Sunni Islaaaam. So they export jihadi terrorists to India, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Syria, Bangladesh and elsewhere around South and Central Asia. This country is a huge trouble causer.  

This latest series of moves to contain and stop this Pakistani terrorism is known as the 'defensive offence' strategy adopted by Narendra Modi's new National Security Advisor (Indian spy-chief) Ajit Doval. There is a brief write up on Ajit Doval and his strategic thinking on Pakistan  here.  

 Indian "James Bond"  Ajit Doval  (right) has the ear of the Prime Minister.

This is a very influential man in India and his thinking is already influencing Indian policy towards Pakistan, China, the Middle East, USA, Israel and Russia. Ajit Doval is more influential over Narendra Modi than the Indian Foreign Minister or the Indian Minister of Defense. 

If you are interested here is a YouTube video about Ajit Doval, the Indian James Bond and strategist.


Conclusion : 

These lines are very worrying :
  • PM Modi also reviewed crucial Indus Waters Treaty
  • divides resources from six rivers between India, Pakistan
  • if India pulls out of Indus Waters treaty, amount to "an act of war"
Folks, that is a mixed up neighborhood. We DO NOT WANT to import their crap here to our country.  All concerned Malaysians (of Indian, Pakistani, Muslim heritage) please take note.  Ini depa punya bodoh. Depa punya gaduh.  

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