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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Man in cuffs escapes from Penang courthouse

Police have mounted a search for the suspect who had earlier pleaded guilty to stealing a motorcycle.
GEORGE TOWN: A suspect in a motorcycle theft escaped from the High Court today soon after being charged at the magistrate’s court here.
Police have launched a manhunt for the 32-year-old suspect.
In the 4.50pm incident, Mohd Rozali Omar had just pleaded guilty at the courthouse to a charge of stealing a motorcycle.
He could have been jailed a year or fined RM3,000 if found guilty.
According to witnesses, after arraignment, Rozali was about to be transported with some 30 other detainees in a police lorry to the Jawi prison when he escaped.
A witness said the man was cuffed via chain links with other detainees, but somehow managed to free himself and run towards the Farquhar Street entrance. He was later seen running towards Pitt Street.
He was described as short and balding in front. He was last wearing a turquoise shirt and black slacks.
He still had handcuffs dangling from one hand.
It is learnt that Rozali has 18 other prior criminal records, mostly for theft.
Northeast District Police Chief ACP Mior Faridalathrash Wahid said the search for the man was under way.

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