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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"Vice President" Zahid's eloquence at UN : on "president" Najib Tun Razak; calibrating blue oceans strategy; "please, wimens and ewes" ? ? ?

So Zahid has spoken at the UN. Mkini has a video clip. Mkini calls it Zahid's 'less than eloquent speech'.  


As you can see below the turnout at the UN during Zahid's speech was almost empty :

Above and below : Dewan kosong brader. 
Buang duit saja pi ke UN.  Lagi elok duk rumah.

Kini TV's  video link of Zahid speaking at the UN, is here :

Here is the video (I hope it pops up, o'wise click on the link above).  

Listen at 1 minute into the video where Zahid says that some center in Cyberjaya was opened by   "president Obama and president Najib Tun Razak".  

Najib jadi "president" pula?   So does that mean Zahid is the Vice President of Malaysia?  Orang UN ketawa lah. They introduced you as the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. Hang pula pi kata Najib is "president".  

And then  "please, wimens and ewes" is at minute 1.52.   (Thats what falls on my ears.)

Zahid also says that he has 'stopped working in silos'.  

OK. So does that mean that now you work out in the paddock ? By the way, that is where the ewes may hang out too.  

Dato Zahid Hamidi, your speech was terrible. This is the UN. Not Cawangan UMNO Bagan Datoh. I am referring to the contents, the isi.  Tak ada isi brader.  

You went to the UN in New York to say that you are setting up one-stop admin centers in the villages? 

Isnt there anything more substantial that you could have told the UN?   This is 2016. Even our astronaut sudah kahwin.   Whoever is your speech writer should be fired.  

The delivery can be improved plenty. Whoever is your image makeover guy / public speaking coach should also be fired. (People say you pay them RM50,000 a month !!)

I would offer my services but I am too expensive. Plus I ride an electric train. So the smoke goes the other way.

Anyway people are making fun of your speech. Mkini kata 'Zahid's less than eloquent speech'. 

This video has also gone viral. Someone else showed it to me today.

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