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Thursday, September 29, 2016

BREAKING NEWS : Indian Commandos Carry Out Surgical Strikes 3KM Into Pakistani Areas, Mumbai Stock Market Dips

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This was bound to happen. There is also a new National Security Advisor in town.  Here is the news :

Indian Army surgical strikes on terror launch pads at LoC Wed night
strike on terror groups ready to infiltrate India
Significant casualties caused in these strikes
4 hr operation has ended (Pakistan says incursion lasted 6 hrs.)

strikes targeted terrorists and those backing them
despite persistent appeals to Pakistan about terrorists nothing done
no Indian casualties during strikes
India shared with Pak army details of surgical strikes which followed 
information terrorists were positioning themselves along LoC
PM Modi chaired Cabinet to review situation along LoC.
Four terrorists stormed Army camp in Uri on Sept 18 and killed 18 soldiers.
Pak troops Thurs violated ceasefire opened fire towards Indian Army posts.
Wed night, they targeted Indian positions in Poonch district of Kashmir.
no loss of life or injury to anyone 

Sept 20, two days after Uri, Pak troops violated ceasefire in Kashmir
targeted Indian Army positions with small firearms.

Sept 6, Pak Army pounded Indian positions with 120 mm mortar in Poonch district.
Sept 2, Pak troops ceasefire violation by firing on army posts in Akhnoor in Jammu

Mumbai Stock Market Plunges. 
sharp plunge, benchmark Sensex tanked by 573 points 
following "surgical strikes" Wed night on terror launch pads across LoC 
Sensex plunged 572.89 points, or 2.02 per cent, to 27,719.92

My comments :  India did some kick ass last nite.  Indian commandos dropped by parachute up to 3km into Pakistan along a stretch of their frontier (in Kashmir) and "took out" numbers of terrorists in SEVEN terror camps.

The Pakistani terrorist groups have been making these nuisance cross border attacks into India along the LoC (Line of Control or the ceasefire line from the last war in 1971.)  This was payback by India.

Pakistan did not acknowledge this surgical strike. It is a huge loss of face for Pakistan. So they released a statement that FOUR Pakistani troops were killed in cross border small arms shooting.  

But Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif  made a separate statement and condemned the cross border strike by the Indian commandos.  The exact number of casualties has not been made known. All the Indians returned to base safely.

The Israelis are heavy on the ground with the Indian Army with electronic border sensors, Tavor assault rifles, wall penetrating radars and 'security advisors' teaching the Indians how to conduct 'surgical strikes'.  

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