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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Robin and Tong know that Mahathir is finished and that Najib won the fight. So they want out and have stopped funding the ANC. So, today, Mahathir’s man is going make a police report against them to punish them and to frighten the others who may also have ideas about switching sides.
Today, at 11.00am, Armand Azha Abu Hanifah is going to make a police report against Robin Tan and Tong Kooi Ong at the Dang Wangi Police Station. The notice Armand issued yesterday  regarding this event mentions his position as an Umno Youth EXCO member.
The truth is Umno Youth is not behind this police report and neither has it sanctioned the announcement or the police report. Armand is actually making this police report on behalf of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and is just using the Umno Youth movement as a camouflage.
Armand actually wears two hats. One is an Umno Youth hat and the second is the hat of Perkasa (Persatuan Pribumi Perkasa), which the photograph below shows. Armand can switch hats between Umno Youth and Perkasa whenever it suits him. Armand is not really an Umno Youth leader who has joined Perkasa but is actually a Perkasa leader who has infiltrated Umno Youth.
In September 2010, Ibrahim Ali claimed that 60% of Perkasa members are UMNO members. The truth is Perkasa is Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Trojan horse. It is his private army, a backdoor into Umno so that he can control Umno by proxy, something Mahathir is so fond of doing since way back.
Perkasa was formed in 2008 soon after the March general elections. The excuse they gave for forming Perkasa was that they needed a defence against the Chinese who overwhelmingly voted opposition.
Basically the ‘western belt’ or the ‘Chinese heartland’ of Penang, Perak and Selangor (plus Kedah, of course) was in opposition hands. The joke then was you could drive from Penang to Selangor (which controls 70% of the economic activities of West Malaysia) without crossing a Barisan Nasional state. So they needed Perkasa to keep the Chinese Tsunami in check, or so they said.
That is actually nonsense. The Chinese Tsunami had already happened so what was there to keep in check? It is like saying that you need to lock the stable door to make sure the horses do not bolt after the horses have already bolted.
The truth is, the Chinese Tsunami of the March 2008 general election was just an excuse to hide the real intention of creating Perkasa. Mahathir created Perkasa to make sure that Mukhriz wins the Umno Youth leadership — which he was going to contest the following year in 2009. And the Perkasa Mafia or Perkasa network in Umno Youth was going to help deliver that win. Unfortunately, Khairy Jamaluddin won instead. So the ‘shadow’ Umno Youth movement within Umno Youth failed in its job.
Armand Azha Hj Abu Hanifah
Many think that Umno and Perkasa are one and the same and that Perkasa is acting as the militant arm of Umno — just like the Irish Republican Army (IRA) is or was the militant arm of Sinn Fein. And that is why many people are of the opinion that Umno is militant or racist, which to a large extent is because of Perkasa.
Mahathir is the founder, patron and financier of Perkasa. He directs Perkasa from behind the scenes and tells it what to do and when to do it. According to Ibrahim Ali, Mahathir even prepares the statements that Perkasa is supposed to issue to make sure that they say the right thing and say it exactly the way he wants it said. In short, Ibrahim Ali reports directly to Mahathir.
Mahathir knew he was losing control of Umno. Since he retired in November 2003 the then Prime Minister would not take instructions from him. So he needed a backdoor into Umno and a means to control Umno. And that was Perkasa. Then he could tell Perkasa what to do and they would do it in the name of Umno. So, through Perkasa, Mahathir could continue running Umno.
Umno was not too happy about this but they did not want to upset Mahathir. So the Secretary General closed one eye, sometimes both eyes. They saw what Mahathir did to Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when he refused to listen to instructions. So it was best to leave Mahathir alone and let him do what he wants to do with Perkasa — which was to use it as a backdoor into Umno and to do things in the name of Umno.
Perkasa was toxic and it made Umno toxic as well. But then who was going to be the mouse to bell the cat? Abdullah’s ‘death’ at the hands of Mahathir was a disincentive to anyone who wanted to volunteer to be that mouse to bell the cat. The best they could hope for was that people would know that Perkasa and Umno are two separate entities and that Perkasa was not an ‘arm’ of Umno.
So today’s police report is actually Armand of Perkasa’s police report and not Armand of Umno’s police report. But he is using his post as an Umno Youth EXCO member to make that police report and not his post in Perkasa. Then it would look like Umno is after Robin Tan and Tong Kooi Ong instead of Perkasa, meaning Mahathir, is after them.
The reason why Mahathir wants Armand to lodge this police report today is to set an example to these two — Robin and Tong — plus demonstrate to the other trustees, nominees, proxies and cronies what is going to happen to you if you ever try to cross over and leave the ANC (Anti-Najib Campaign).
Mahathir is pissed with Robin and Tong and if the old man allows them to get away with it that may encourage other trustees, nominees, proxies and cronies to do the same. So Mahathir hopes once these two are punished with this police report today, the others will get scared and will toe the line and listen to what they are told.
Last year, Vincent Tan and Robin Tan gave Mahathir a lavish birthday party. This year, they did not bother. Kadir Jasin complained that Mahathir now has to rent a private jet and no longer has free use of Vincent Tan’s private jet.
Kadir admits that many trustees, nominees, proxies and cronies no longer treat Mahathir like royalty. In fact, they are now distancing themselves from Mahathir knowing that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has won the fight and Mahathir is about to be buried — together with his sons, trustees, nominees, proxies and cronies who refuse to repent and ask to be pardoned.
What Mahathir does not realise is that all his trustees, nominees, proxies and cronies have begged forgiveness from Najib. They have confessed that they are funding Mahathir’s ANC in the bid to oust Najib and replace him with a proxy Prime Minister.
For coming clean, and for pledging that they will no longer fund Mahathir to bring him down, the Prime Minister has declared an amnesty. All past sins will be forgiven as long as they do not continue to fund the campaign to oust the Prime Minister.
Mahathir was using The Edge and The Malaysian Insider in his bid to oust Najib. When Tong was ‘caught’ funding Xavier Andre Justo $2 million to fabricate ‘evidence’ against 1MDB, Tong closed down his operation and confessed his role in the ANC. And this infuriated Mahathir, which is why the police report today will also include him.
Armand’s police report is going to reveal that Robin and Tong gave Mahathir money to help finance the effort to oust Najib. Recently, the IGP announced that no one should make a police report unless it is backed with evidence. The IGP does not want police reports based on rumours or conjecture.
So, today, Armand’s police report must be supported by tangible evidence. If not the police might arrest Armand instead for the crime of making a false police report. And Armand has that evidence that Robin and Tong have given Mahathir money. And that evidence, which will establish the paper trail, is being provided by Mahathir himself.
In short, Mahathir asked Armand to make this police report against Robin and Tong. And Mahathir is providing the evidence to support this police report. So it is Mahathir and not Umno who wants to fix up Robin and Tong, two people who are known as hardcore Mahathir trustees, nominees, proxies and cronies.
Why is Mahathir shooting his own kuda or horses? The answer is simple. These two horses have bolted. And many more horses are planning to bolt. So before all the horses bolt and he no longer has a single horse left, he is trying to lock the stable door and save whatever horses he has left by frightening them with today’s police report.
But this police report is going to be a wasted effort. Najib already knows that Robin and Tong were financing Mahathir to oust him. Najib also knows who the rest of the ANC financiers are. And Najib has already declared an amnesty and given them immunity from punishment if they no longer fund Mahathir.
It is like the case of that Menteri Besar who Mahathir is blackmailing. The whole country now knows who he is and about his penchant for pretty young men and boys. Once that secret is no longer a secret, the blackmail is useless.
One downside to this exercise today is that it will prove what Malaysia Today has been saying for almost two years. We said that the ANC is plotting Najib’s ouster and that a number of tycoons are giving Mahathir RM3 billion to fund the operation. Today, Armand is going to tell the police that everythingMalaysia Today said is true.
Mahathir’s concern is that if Robin and Tong are not made into examples then there will be an exodus. So this is not just about punishing the two but also about frightening the others. Mahathir wants to frighten them so that they do not also get ideas to leave the ANC. It is like having an affair with your boss, and when you want to break off that affair to get married, your boss blackmails you with photographs of you in bed to force you to continue the affair.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
– http://www.malaysia-today.net/

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