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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Perhaps we should believe MO1's word as gospel truth

YOURSAY | 'Advice coming from the mouth of the person who claims he had met the Arab donor...'
Mushiro: It is a waste of time to advise Malaysian students abroad not to easily accept all the things reported in social media without basing them on facts. These students are smart enough to differentiate gold from a fake.
CQ Muar: Imagine Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi cautioning those New York students not to believe reports in social media as the gospel truth.
So, was he implying what comes out from Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's mouth should instead be taken as the gospel truth?
Hey, Zahid, don't forget you were addressing students who are much brighter and smarter than you. According to Zahid, things frequently raised by the rakyat were the Goods and Services Tax (GST), the price of petrol, and the presence of Bangladesh nationals in Malaysia.
But he conveniently omitted those most disturbing and currently the most pursued issues relating to the billions that found its way into Najib's personal accounts.
At any rate, the students present at the talk would not take his words seriously, knowing him for his incompetence and his past track record.
Tony Soprano: No, they shouldn't believe everything, but they should believe reports in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and the New York Times (NYT) and other reputable news portals more than the Malaysian government, which never tells the truth about anything.
Oscar Kilo: Of course some stuff shared on the social media is rubbish, but surely you cannot lump WSJ into the category of online rubbish. Yet you are flippantly dismissing the WSJ's reporting on 1MDB.
Godfearing: The mainstream media is much worse with its disinformation, lies and half truths.
Dont Just Talk: Yeah, DPM Ahmad Zahid, Malaysians should accept what is written by Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian and New Straits Time as gospel truth or TV3 and NTV7 as truth.
Just like we should believe what you had said about meeting the rich Arab, oops, rich Arabs, oops sorry, CEO of the rich Arabs, who had donated US$681 millions to your boss' personal account.
WTF: So we should instead believe Utusan and NST? He thinks we are as stupid as his party members
Vijay47: Strange that you should mention GST, petrol prices, and Bangladeshi workers as subjects about which the social media is not to be trusted. I presume ‘social media’ refers to Facebook, Twitter and the such, which leaves us with the news portals.
Are you suggesting, Zahid, that the news sites can be trusted (heavens!) including even that satanic service Malaysiakini? Going by your previous comments and warnings, I would imagine your caution covers all online news sources, since Malaysiakini and others hardly enjoy your affection.
But strangely, these sources nowadays almost never write on the three topics you mentioned.
They and we are much more concerned with 1MDB, the redelineation exercise, and racist thugs running loose with minimal challenge from the authorities. Why did you not warn the students about these journalists who reflect anti-national elements?
Oh, I forgot, can we then not believe online news about ladies getting international awards?
Anonymous #19098644: This is coming from the mouth of the person who had claimed he met the Arab donor who gave Najib RM2.6 billion, when the US Department of Justice (DOJ) investigations have shown to have come from 1MDB.
Who is more reliable - him or the Department of Justice? All Malaysians have a responsibility of upholding the good name of the country. The person who has dragged the good name of the country down the drain and caused the country and Malaysians to be ridiculed is none other than Malaysian Official 1 (MO1).
So why hasn't MO1 been charged, prosecuted and jailed?
Slumdog: So Zahid, everything you, Najib and your fellow dimwitted ministers of spin, including press statements from the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) should be taken as the gospel truth?
You and Umno have developed cock-and-bull stories into an art form that only Bernama and Utusan readers believe. And let’s not leave out the incorruptible and very reliable Umno sycophants.
Hardboiled: "If he or she does something negative that could damage the country's image, the people do not say that he or she is from Penang or Gombak, for example, but from Malaysia," Zahid said.
Dear DPM, MO1 is from Malaysia. He has ruined the good image of Malaysia. So what the fish are you talking about?
The Mask: Zahid, search your conscience and look deep into your heart to see who is damaging the image of our beloved nation.
We know you won't say what is in your conscience because of your position, but then don't insult the intelligence of the university students.
Anonymous_1372741039: There must be greater conviction in what Zahid has to say to the rakyat. Unfortunately, gone are the times when the rakyat believed all that was said by Umno/BN.The millions are not convinced in the least and they have tasted the pudding to know exactly what is happening to the nation today. The publicity created on 1MDB, GST, the falling ringgit, overseas holidays and lavish spending, all of these have created bad vibes and mistrust.

It could be the swan song for Umno/BN, as the trust of the rakyat no longer exists. -Mkini

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