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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Breaking News : Criminal Charges Imminent Against 1MDB Thieves In USA Court

This is from The Thingy.

Criminal Charges Imminent Over 1MDB
Jho Low Tops Wanted List
27 September 2016 

criminal case widely expected by US prosecutors 

against individuals stole money from 1MDB 

  • main name is Najib’s proxy Jho Low
  • Jasmine Loo Ai Swan
  • Najib’s step-son Riza Aziz; 
  • Eric Tan (laundered money for Low)
  • Shahrol Halmi, CEO 1MDB during thefts
  • Goldman Sachs SEA boss Tim Leissner facing charges

SR reveals more civil action to retrieve more properties stolen from Msians

DOJ aware of at least US$3.5b stolen
Auditor report (Najib declared ‘Secret’) assessed US$7b stolen 

unabated investigation by US DOJ into all aspects of mega-theft 

key person directly charged is Jho Low
Low Najib's personal ‘advisor’ at 1MDB.
Low’s secret role in managing 1MDB

Low attend board meetings, supervising all 1MDB’s major ‘investments’ 

raking off billions, paying backhanders, laundering loot 
web of off-shore companies, bank accounts, BSI, Coutts, UBS, Falcon, StanChart 

Low avoided US, limited himself to Taiwan, Thailand, China.

Najib employed proxies for deals, for laundering in US

benchmark of proof will have been extraordinarily high.

Najib Malaysian Official Number One

held all decision-making powers at 1MDB 
private KL bank account had billions  

  • his step-son Riza Aziz took US$100m for Red Granite 
  • Jasmine Loo, CEO Shahrol Halmi, ED Casey Tang
  • Debra Johnson at accountancy company NKFSB
  • Joey McFarland assisted Jho Low purchase artworks
  • Aabar's Mohammed Al Husseiney, Khadem Al Qubaisi 
  • PetroSaudi : Tarek Obaid and Patrick Mahony
  • Tim Buckland, of law firm White & Case.
  • US banker Ed Morse provided valuation of PetroSaudi

1MDB scandal drawn in names from bankers, lawyers, accountants 
all up to their necks in facilitating theft from 1MDB
masterminds in Malaysia – M'sians left with job of dealing with them

My comments : UMNO bodoh lagi ke?  Get rid of the par _ ah lah. 

The masterminds have not much brains. As Hadi Awang, Mat Maslan all said 'Which idiot would put stolen money into his own bank account?" Answer : Moron No 1.

This was a classic Ali Baba operation. The mamak also assisted. The Baba part did all the leg work, the running around and putting things into operation. 

The Ali part just signed buta on the dotted lines. They got the money, they spent the money, they went shopping, enjoyed themselves with stolen money etc. So typical and predictable.


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  2. Good one...!

    Also to share this, with thanks to Finance Twitter - 1MDB Scandal – An Ali-Baba “Scam” Partnership Goes Bust - http://www.financetwitter.com/2015/03/1mdb-scandal-an-ali-baba-scam-partnership-goes-bust.html


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