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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A case of beating around the corruption bush?

YOURSAY | ‘Why would the Perak sultan chose to use such a roundabout way in sending a message?’
AJ: The ‘educated’ public won the popular vote but lost the election. This time around it will be even worse.
The electoral boundaries have been redrawn and even if the popular vote were to increase, the allegedly corrupt will still retain power.
It's the job of everybody, especially those with influence, to speak up and this starts with the royals.
They are the only custodians who can speak for those are being made voiceless by the regime’s apparatus.
Anonymous 2336891439170985: The problems concerning mega corruption and mega abuse of power must be solved by the rakyat. Do not pass these problems to the sultans who are left with little room for meaningful actions.
Educate our friends to do the right thing come GE14. Don’t pass the buck to others. We deserve the government we voted for.
Ash Burn: Thank you Dr Lim Teck Ghee for your clear and thoughtful views. If they left Zunar alone, his fame would not have soared.
This is what happens when ‘ducks’ see themselves as ‘eagles’. They don't see their waddle nor hear their own quacks. Their choir of minions, on cue, stumble over one another trying to legitimise this foolishness. They dig deep to find the new lows in their actions.
Lost in the rubbish heap of bigotry and arrogance, they will fall on their own careless sword and driven to madness by their fears and torment from guilt.
In the meantime, in hounding the cartoonist, they have lived up to being real-life cartoons.
Sherlock: I wonder why would someone like the Perak sultan chose to use such a roundabout way in sending a message to the extent that a learned individual like Dr Lim Teck Ghee has to second, third guess, his actual message.
If this is the case, the whole effort was simply wasted; meaning nobody, including the assumed targeted person, will bother to listen. or take heed.
Malaysia4All: Indeed, all this talking will likely amount to nothing if no one is directly named. Speaking in generalities will likely achieve nothing, mainly because BN politicians have thick skins.
Kingfisher: HRH (His Royal Highness) the sultan's speech was quite pointed and it had no ambiguity pertaining to institutions and individuals as he has dealt with ‘Everyman’ in the substance of his delivery.
Mr KJ John: Brilliant, Teck Ghee, I never made this connection of meanings. It gives all of us hope for a real and new future.
WTF: There is nothing complex about the sultan’s speech. The world knows who has been robbing the nation. People connected to the scandals are being jailed and prosecuted elsewhere.
Only our dumb and dumber politicians pretend there is nothing wrong, even though allegedly stolen money landed in one’s personal bank accounts.
Vijay47: Former Bar Council chairperson Christopher Leong, you described Abdul Gani Patail as "a fit and proper person for the admission".
I presume you meant admission to the Bar, since during his 13 years as attorney-general, Abdul Gani brought only shame and dishonour to his former position, not that his successor Mohamed Apandi Ali has not succeeded in destroying whatever remained of the trust and hope the common man placed on that office.
After his forced retirement, just dessert for the service he rendered the nation, Abdul Gani made some feeble squeaks and futile attempts to pass himself off as a reluctant victim of an insidious regime. Not surprisingly, nobody danced to that song.
Going by recent reports on the activities of several members of the legal profession, the Orang Asli betrayal case readily coming to mind, Abdul Gani is indeed "a fit and proper person for the admission" into that now dubious fraternity.
In the process, Leong, you have only reduced the standing of the Bar Council. Poor S Ambiga.
Worldly Wise: I wish Abdul Gani a successful career at the Bar. He can begin by reading the Federal Constitution to check whether the Agong was right to remove him as AG without cabinet approval as required by Article 40 (3).
Victor Johan: Abdul Gani had set up his new law firm, Gani Patail Chambers, in KL Sentral a few months ago.
It would have been interesting if he had instead named his law firm as Abdul Gani's Chambers. We can refer to it by the short name of AG's Chambers. That would have been really interesting indeed, don't you think?
We look forward to him as a private and pro bono lawyer to address the public woes and those faced by the nation that Najib's has allegedly been responsible for.
Tpn: He retired due to his health problem - that was according to the government. He still looks very energetic. How to explain this sudden turn of events?
P Dev Anand Pillai: This is the normal course of events and the route that the creme de la creme formerly of the AG's Chambers take when they are no longer in favour of the power barons who wield power in the corridors of Putrajaya. Even Federal Court judges are back at the Bar.
The Bar is the last vestige of refuge for most of these folks. To all practising lawyers out there, go where your interest takes you but always keep your practising certificate, you may not know when it will become handy.

Anonymous 29051438068738: One wonders as to the nature of the deal struck between him and MO1 - the subject of his 'task force' inquiry.
So, he is now a member of the Bar... and water finds its own level.- Mkini

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