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22 May 2024

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


In 2016 I have failed in what I want to do….but I am in good company. Mahathir, Mahyuddin, Saudara Anwar Ibrahim and a host of others too have failed in what they want to do. We have failed to kick Najib out of office. We have failed to set saudara Anwar Ibrahim free. The powers that be have failed to put together an opposition with the ability to unite all Malaysians. And when it matters most, Malaysians failed to turn out for Bersih in numbers large enough for this BN government to understand that political power can be lost to the opposition at the next PRU.
Some may ask, why do I not I look at the positive aspects of 2016 and build on them in the year to come? What positive aspect? For Malaysians 2016 has been an “annus horribilis!” …not “anus horribilis” for that would be the Flying Hippo (a terrifying old women) but an “annus hornbills” ……a horrible year.
The greed of those who do government in our name knows no bound. Najib Razak who heads this BN government became a bona fide PARIAH among his peers and the subject of legal, moral and ethical vilification. He is labelled a “billionaire prime minister” assisted in no small way by his spouse, aka the Flying Hippo, his children and her’s by other husbands and of course the despicable, dedicated team of dedak addicts which included, among them, that most despicable of duo -the Attorney General and the tweet of a IGP.
In the face of a wholesale tilt towards corruption (fuelled by a seemingly endless supply of dedak sourced increasingly by Najib through his mega fiddling of our national coffers for the benefit of himself and his bunch of thieves and robbers), necessity became the mother of invention.
Well not really an invention but more  a rehash of what Saudara Anwar Ibrahim did with Pakatan Rakyat in the decade gone by. This time it took Mahathir to do an Anwar Ibrahim : To prove that in politics there is no enemies, no friends – only alliances with others when these alliances are required to pursue political agendas that suits the times that they are living in. The time that we live in has made PPBM a reality and the alliances among the opposition forged by DAP, PKR, PPBM was a political necessity driven by political realities : i.e no one political entity can hope to “guling” Najib or Umno. A united political opposition may. From memory, was not this the very thing Umno did in putting together the ALLIANCE and then the Barisan Nasional which have kept each other in political clover all this time?
Ahhh the things politicians do in the name of national need!
But I am ever the optimists especially in matters of politics. You would have to be one if you think that Mahathir, Mahyuddin, Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and a host of nemesis could work together in government! But Najib and Umno leaves us with nothing else but to have the audacity to hope that it is possible.
Is it not worrying that all we Malaysian have on our side in the face of greed is hope? Think about that as we go into 2017.
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