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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Major Slap In The Face For Obama The Butcher of Aleppo And Saudi Arabia.

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The famous Battle of Stalingrad  (August 1942 - February 1943) saw the tide turn against the Nazis in the Eastern Front of the Second World War. The Russians broke the siege of Stalingrad, defeated the German 6th Army and chased them back all the way back to Berlin. 

The same thing has happened in Aleppo in Syria (Haa-leb in arabic). Again  the Russians have assisted the Syrian people to resist and defeat the ISIS, the Al Qaeda, the al Nusra, the Jabhat al Sham, the Fatah al Sham and all the other terrorist groups created, funded and equipped by the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and a few other satanic states. 

The victory in the Battle of Aleppo is a major turning point in defeating the Axis of Evil between the US, Saudi, Qatar and the satanic states. Here is some news. 

Aleppo Major Defeat For Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Serious Setback for US 

success of Syrian army, complete liberation of Syria's 2nd largest city Aleppo
serious defeat for Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey
most serious setback for US in 15 years. 

liberation of Aleppo changed course of Syrian war
propelled Syrian army, increased its morale
serious defeat to countries supporting rebel groups 
Saudi Arabia, Qatar and particularly Turkey 

Turkey supporting militants with arms, money 
cleanup of city has ruined Erdogan's plans
Prof Tim Anderson, lecturer political economy, University of Sydney
liberation of Aleppo most serious setback for 15-year US aggression in region
re-colonization from Afghanistan to Libya, under range of false pretexts
Invasions, proxy wars, economic sanctions, wild propaganda
great war of aggression – ‘New Middle East’ – hit a rock in Syria.  

proxies equipped by US, Saudis, Turkey, Qatar, Israel defeated by Syrian nation
this was not a civil war in Syria and had never been as such
involved foreign proxies, agents – US, Saudi, Israeli, al-Qaeda groups

Russian military making public mass graves of victims in Aleppo
Mass burial sites have been found
most victims shot in the head.
being recorded as serious war crimes, to be given max publicity 
to show Europeans who their [friends] actually are

Civilians prohibited from leaving al-Qaeda areas, many shot when they tried
Nour al-Din al-Zenki  (US-backed), Ahrar al-Sham banned thousands from leaving

all terror groups in Syria armed, financed by US, allies to overthrow Syrian Govt
talk about ‘moderate rebels’, ‘brutal regime’, ‘civil war’ just to hide this

Obama playing no constructive role in Aleppo
‘regime change’ proxy war on Syria failing 
Trump promises new approach

new regional alliance - Russia, Iran, Turkey
new alliance rejects aggression of colonial powers
Many things changed during war in Syria
Syrians beat back powerful NATO-GCC forces
Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar, Turkey received another beating

Egypt, Iraq now support Syria
Saudis joined Israel against Iran, Syria
Russia stronger bonds with Syria, Iran

Arab League backed destruction of two Arab states, all but dead. 
new, enhanced ‘Axis of Resistance’ to replace Arab League

My comments :  President elect Donald Trump has been silent on Saudi Arabia.  That is really not a good sign for the Saudis and Qatar. Hopefully peace breaks out.  Sometimes you just have to shoot the recalcitrants.

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