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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

MBSB must not back down in standoff with Jamal

YOURSAY | ‘The resort has to go lest the Selangor gov’t is accused of favouritism.’
Trueglitter: Though the demolition of the resort owned by the untouchable and defiant Sungai Besar Umno division chief Jamal Md Yunus has earned the rapturous support and jubilation from all concerned rakyat, the Sabah Bernam District Council deserves to be criticised for not carrying out the said operation earlier.
The vehement protests from the spiteful and arrogant Jamal should not be condoned or tolerated as like all law-abiding citizens, he too has an unsworn duty to obey the law and not to flout it under the erroneous belief of his invincible authority and the might to flex his obnoxious arm being the Umno division chief.
The said authority (MDSB) should be congratulated for weeding out the advancing social cancer afflicting our nation via the uncontrolled erections of buildings and resorts which are evidently not in compliance with land development regulations as too often too many losses of lives have occurred due to the collapses of poor and unsound building structures.
Ferdtan: Whether Selangor MB Azmin Ali was involved directly with the demolition of Jamal’s resort due to its non-compliance with land and development regulations and/or due to allegation that it was an act of vendetta by MB as a result of Jamal's earlier water disruption protest, we don’t care.
We are happy that the Selangor government is now acting with resolve on what it should have done a long time ago.
This ‘show of force’ against this alleged lawbreaker who seems to have legal immunity is heart-warming. For once, we salute Azmin’s government for its action. This is the only way to fight the BN troublemakers - force with force.
It is time for Pakatan to stop playing catch-up to the attacks from BN by been defensive. For heaven sake, you are the state government; you have power, though limited, so use it.
Times has changed; we want strong leadership. Learn from the winning ways (good points only) of US President-elect Donald Trump and Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.
Anonymous S303: “The council has sent him notices, summonses, compounds, all of these. MDSB even asked him to demolish the resort himself.
"But he continued to be defiant, so MDSB and the land office took action. It can't be seen that the council is not strict in enforcing the law," said Sekinchan assemblyperson Ng Suee Lim.
You see, the district council took a long time to act on Jamal. So, now, don't blame anyone who would point fingers at the incompetence of council and that the action taken was an act of revenge.
Dont Just Talk: Yes, why did the MDSB take over five years to tear down the resort in Sekinchan owned by Jamal when he has failed to comply with the law?
It should have been demolished a long time ago. Anyway, MDSB did well in teaching this man that he is not above the law.
Since Malaysia is a democratic country, Jamal can wrap himself in a towel and parade in Sekinchan town to protest against MDSB.
Hibiscus: Isn't MSDB and by extension the Selangor government being too harsh by demolishing the resort?
Can't MSDB just seal off the resort and don't allow it to operate until its laws and by-laws and regulations are complied with by the resort?
Alunan Ombak: It looks like the local council has been lenient and patient with Jamal over the past five years by sending notices after notices relating to the illegal structure, but Jamal ignored them all.
It's time the resort has to go lest the Selangor state government is accused of favouritism. The demolition is fair and just, and Jamal alone is to blame. He can't do as he pleases.
Hornbills: The action by the local council is most befitting. Jamal has to thank the council for demolishing it for him, otherwise he has to find a class F-contractor to do it.
The council should send a bill to him for doing the job. If he doesn't want to pay, take him to court.
Drngsc: Well done, MDSB. Please enforce the law without fear or favour.
He broke the law, he has to pay for it. He will blame every Tom, Dick and Harry. Just ignore it and enforce the law.
Anonymous 706151436780066: Jamal is a wonderful example to the young people of this country. He defies the law, ignores local authority regulations and struts his stuff to spite the rules.
Yet he remains untouchable. The police, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the council enforcement officers must hold him in deep affection and with high esteem.
He even held meetings with top BN leaders, which shows they approve of him and treat him like a star.
Trueglitter: Jamal's blatant defiance of council order to cease operation of his hotel and resort should not be tolerated given his continued and unconcealed notoriety at showcasing his total disregard for the law in this country.
He has upped the ante through his defiant removal of the seal which legally bars the operation of his business and instead had thumped his nose at the council by conducting a "ribbon-cutting ceremony" to resume his hotel business.
Jamal's despicable display of arrogance and defiance of the law is a shameless reflection of the condemnable culture frequently practised by most Umnoputras, who believed their strong-arm tactics would provide them the authority to circumvent any bureaucratic enactment laid down by the law.The advancing bureaucratic cancer afflicting our nation has to be removed and nothing would be more appropriate and timely than to arrest the untouchable Jamal and charged him for his blatant wrongdoing.

Appum: The whole country is watching to see how this episode will played out. Then we can surmise which the direction the country is moving to. Is this what we hope to achieve in 2050, Mr PM?
Rick Teo: Let us now see what MDSB do now - will they enforce the law?- Mkini

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