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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Man hauls bomoh to Consumer Tribunal for failing to exorcise spirits

Malaysia's Consumer Claims Tribunal has revealed one of its strangest ever consumer complaints.
Samuel Mut John Brody, the head of the tribunal's Johor branch, told The Star Online of a 40-year-old Malaysian man who wanted a refund from a shaman who did not manage to chase away spirits he said were haunting his ailing father.
The shaman, known locally as a bomoh, had claimed that the man's father was tormented by nine different spirits, the news website reported on Thursday.
In Malaysian tradition, the bomoh enters a state of altered consciousness to free spirits.
"The family forked out RM810 (US$180) to the bomoh to get rid of the nine spirits," Samuel said.

The health of the father, in his 70s, subsequently became worse and he died a few months later, Samuel told The Star.
The family went to the tribunal seeking a refund, but it struck out the case as it was out of its jurisdiction.
Exorcism was considered an alternative service and the bomoh had not registered his business with the correct authorities, Samuel said.
- dpa

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