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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


This is about the time when you start receiving New Year messages from your leaders. The Prime Minister will undoubtedly deliver his message in a few days. I am not your leader, only a fellow traveller, but these words are from my heart.
I have never been more worried about the future of our country than now. I never thought that Malaysia could go to pieces in such a short time. But in 2017, we can all do something about it if we want to.
The Malays have a great opportunity to make a choice that will set them free and change their lives for generations. To set them free they must take the money from BR1M but not feel beholden to vote for BN. To be free they must not believe everything churned out by TV3 without checking with other sources. The alternative is to choose to continue being “enslaved” by their corrupt and lying leaders. Felda settlers have a choice to either continue being in debt — agreeing to a paltry monthly advance of RM1,500 which they will never have enough to pay back, or they can take control of their lands again by voting for a new government.
Malaysians in the town areas can decide if they want a government that spends hundreds of billions of ringgit on fast trains and 100-storey buildings, or if they want more funds available for their children’s education, housing and basic social facilities.
The 2.5 million young graduates who took PTPTN loans have a choice too. At this point they have no self-respect left and their last shred of dignity has been taken away. Unable to pay their loans, they are blacklisted, have difficulty opening a bank account or starting a new business and face all kinds of travel restrictions. They have become nothing more than indentured labourers. They would not have found themselves in this position under a more responsible and competent government.
A more responsible government would have strictly followed the laws and conditions upon which the PTPTN was set up. In vetting students’ qualifications, a more responsible government would not send students (whose interests lie elsewhere) to fill up places in private colleges belonging to their associates and friends. Loans are like credit cards — you have to be responsible about giving them to the young or they may end up burdened and scarred for life.
These young Malaysians can therefore choose to elect a government that will manage their financial difficulties with care and their education with foresight, or they can continue to live under incompetent leaders who wreck their lives.
Sarawak and Sabah can decide if they want to continue to be led by incompetent and corrupt leaders in Putrajaya, or they can be real partners in shaping the destiny of this nation. They can decide if it’s enough that Sarawak is for Sarawakians and Sabah for Sabahans, or they can take the higher ground to save Malaysia. In my view, Sarawak and Sabah must take the lead together with revitalised leaders from the Peninsula to carve a new and brighter future for the country.
Malaysian business leaders can decide if they are willing to let the Chinese from China control the economy, strategic investments in infrastructure and choice property. They must know by now that all the major ports, power plants, choice properties and rail lines all over the country are already in the hands of the men from Beijing. They must also know that the men from Beijing will soon buy all lands in the big towns, and government-linked companies like 1MDB and the GLCs. The men from Beijing will take them over as there is no more money left in Putrajaya.
They can sit quietly, hoping the Chinese from Wuhan and Tianjin will allow them to supply toilet paper and mineral water. They can sit quietly hoping MCA and MIC can bring them the crumbs. They will be disappointed. The Chinese from Tianjin and Wuhan will control everything under the Malaysian sky and there will be nothing left for locals to do except become their “yes” men and minor subcontractors.
We all have choices, and I hope you make the right one in 2017. Vote wisely. Happy New Year.
– Zaid.my

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