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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Will Arrest Warrant For JoLo And "One Other" Help Singapore's Economy?

Here is the latest from The Thingy.   They feel that an arrest warrant is imminent for JoLo and one other criminal at large.  

Time to arrest men behind crime

Jho Low’s time has to be running short. 

Singapore’s BSI case exposed fully criminal money-laundering of 1MDB’s stolen funds by bankers at his behest (three are now jailed).  

..neither Singapore, US or Swiss can credibly hold off much longer from  issuing a warrant for the man behind the crime and behind him, MO1.

Radiant finally floated off from its lengthy engagement in Phuket last week and has been visiting Malaysian waters.  

mysteriously turned transponder off for days (hiding position) moored in Langkawi. [Update – now returned to Phuket]

after Xavier Justo’s release on 13th Dec, Jho Low’s Equanimity also went out to sea and turned off transponder for days, no one could spot its position.  

On 19th it reappeared in Phuket, moored next to mega-boat, Lady D.

My comments : Tick tock, tick tock.  Some pipe smoking soon as well. 

The Thingy has so far been quite spot on. So has the Wall Street Journal. Maybe they know something.

The conviction of those three small fish in Singapore will soon begin to appear odd if Singapore does not arrest the big fish. Especially Jo Lo. 

Hence the movement of those yachts.  Are yachts more difficult to bug.  Nowadays they dont have to bug anyone.

Imagine even the FBI has the audio recordings and transcripts of telephone conversations made six years ago.  How did they get that?

Here is a graph. I got it from the World Bank site (I am so crever one). This is the historical GDP growth of Malaysia and Singapore. Just drag the cursor and it goes back to the 1960s. I took it from 1990 - 2015. Please look at the chart. 

The green line is Malaysia and the blue line is Singapore.  Ok lah I dragged the cursor further,  here is the same chart going back to 1961:

The thing to note is no matter how clever Singapore is, the ups and downs of their GDP growth curve moves almost perfectly in tandem with the ups and downs of Malaysia's GDP growth (except for a 10 year period from 1965 - 1975). 

If we are up, they go up. If Malaysia's economy goes down, they also go down.

Note especially the  period over  the  Asian Financial Crisis (say 1998 - 2001). Singapore was one of  the few countries in Asia whose currency did not suffer serious devaluation (aka suffer attack).   In fact among the Asian currencies theirs was among the strongest. Their  economy was well managed.     

Yet their GDP growth tanked, along with Malaysia' OVER THAT THREE YEARS.

If Malaysia  coughs  Singapore catches a fever.  

Look at the graph for 2014, 2015 - our economy is going down (for 2017 best case is 4% - 4.1% growth, one economic analyst says as low as 3.7%).

And Singapore's growth is again moving in the same direction as Malaysia. Folks, the Singapore economy is also suffering.

You can say that being a trading economy their growth is strongly correlated to all their trading partners. Well not exactly. Here is the Singapore vs the giant next door Indonesia's  growth chart:

Well, the Spore - Indon peaks and the troughs are not as similar as Spore vs Malaysia. And over the last 15 years (2000 - 2015) the Singapore and Indonesia growth curves are very different.

Indonesia is more "level" while Spore has the up and down swings - very similar to Malaysia's.

If Malaysia  coughs,  Singapore catches a fever. 

The point to consider is 'Why does Malaysia cough?'    I think this time around Singapore has the anti-biotic in hand. 

So go ahead and issue those arrest warrants. 

How can you have even the slightest hesitation about locking up just a handful of low class thieves  who are jeopardising  the well being of 35 million people on both sides of the narrows ? 38 million if you count the Banglas, Indons and Nepalis.  

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